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6/17/07 2:58 PM
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So, I painted on canvas for the first time in my life...

It was for an art class - I'm pretty non-arty so I thought I would post this to see if I "got it" or have the right idea.  I'll post my explaination and tools as well (since I had to turn that into my art teacher)


Items used:

21x16 Canvas

Black / White Acrylic

Tile Cement

One Brush

Newspaper to dab whites

Black Krylon Primer

            I chose to make a geometrically correct separation of black and white to symbolize the view of black and white applied to life.  I used the black Krylon instead of a brush to help symbolize the normalcy of the color black.  I left the other side straight canvas since I was concentrating on the white and it left it in a very normal state. The use of the perfect circle also helps symbolize the norms and the consistency.

I used a base of the tile cement to help build texture to add to an uneven surface that would be later accented by heavy and large brush strokes.  I made a base mixture of the black and white to create my gray.  The next step was to add the uneven balance I was trying to get – so I set aside the black and white paints together to make sure that my gray wasn't even and added to the inconsistency I was trying to put on the canvas.  I then took the black and white paint separately and touched the news paper to each color individually so I can make sure that is wasn't an even gray but speckled with both black and white to symbolize what I was trying to say.

Now, the use of my title of "Chaos Theory" should explain it to people who may think black and white as well as people who do not.  My use of the perfect line through the center as well as a centered perfect circle helps the viewer understand the quick glance of the painting.  What I wanted to do was to attract the attention of the viewer by using these mathematically correct styles with a title of chaos to invoke interest.

Inside of the circle:  I chose to use an uneven brush stroke and as much contrast as possible even with just black and white.  The use of the tile cement was to help create the uneven surface to symbolize the overall mess that I was trying to emit with my uneven contrast, texture, consistency and counter balance.

What I am trying to say:  I am trying to throw and emotion of deeper thinking into people.  It is a common trait by normal people due to certain cultural and religious values in our world to only think by terms of black and white and good and bad.  The use of the straight line and perfect circle helps first capture them because they like a sense of normalcy even inside of their art.  I believe that use, I am able to capture attention – as I think in certain structure but in the technical sense.


As someone would look deeper into the painting, they might just think "Oh a gray circle."  I wanted to mix it as much as possible to try to emit every bit of inconsistency there is in the black and white thinking.  As someone looks deeper, I would hope to send the message that the world isn't what you think.  The reason for the title of "Chaos Theory," also helps people on non structured thinking to realize there is a balance even when there is complete chaos. 



(CLICK THE LINK FOR THE PAINTING, its a big pic btw)

9/15/07 12:48 PM
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reminds me of the battle standard of the Knights Templar.
2/2/08 8:37 AM
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1/20/09 8:39 PM
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WOW! I stared at it for like it seemed about 1 hour. But it had been only 10 minutes. That is amazing. To me I saw it as my life, the circle in the middle is the center, the dark side is all the crazy things in my life I need to take care of. The white site is where I need to be, clear of all this chaos. I love it!

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