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6/20/07 2:27 PM
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Edited: 20-Jun-07
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Anybody care to comment on Digital SLR's. I was thinking of going with a D80 but am wondering if the the D200 is worth the extra money. That difference in price would be a very nice lens for the D80. Also when searching online I found a bunch of retailers with prices ranging between approximately $780 to as high as $1,100 with about $850-$900 being the norm (body only). However I did find 3 sites through google with a price of $479.00. Now I am a bit hesitant to shop at these retailers because of the huge price difference. I would be a lot more comfortable buying from them if the price difference was less. I contacted Nikon direct to see if they could give me some feedback on these stores but is there any other way to know? I just can't help but think it is a counterfeit. Opinions?
7/27/07 4:12 PM
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Edited: 27-Jul-07
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The main factor to consider is how large you want to print out your photos. If you're doing 8x10's, you won't see much difference between 8 megapixels and 10. If you want to send your photos to a printer and have some 24x36 artwork, you might want to step up to 10 and above. I don't know about Nikon's but I paid $1100 for a Canon Rebel Xti 10.1 that was bundled with 2 lenses 55 and 300mm, two cases hard and soft, 4GB memory, 2 batteries, tripod, etc. You name it, I got it. The picture quality is amazing. I too was hesitant about ordering something from a discount wholesaler from Brooklyn, but everything came as ordered and they were very helpful over the phone. I think the store was sunshine something? I'll have to look up my credit receipt if you want their website.
12/30/08 2:55 PM
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There are a ton of factors to consider when buying a new camera in my opinion...I'm no expert but I am a professional as well as my wife...but I learned one thing the hard way (and many people do). Don't buy a big ass nice camera if you're just starting because you don't know that much yet. You don't know what you want. There are alot of differences in how Canon handles image processing vs Nikon for example. About 90% percent of professionals choose between these 2 brands.

But if you're dead set on a Nikon...I'd say the D80 is a pretty good place to start. If you really want more from a camera don't buy a D200. Get the D300 or else you'll regret it. Trust me. I have a D80, D300, and D3. I had a D40x at first but soon returned it to get the D80 upgrade. Used that and still do as a backup camera but I bought a D200. Soon I found that D300 has way better features and handles image processing much better. The D3 is my wife's but I use it also.

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