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7/2/07 6:10 AM
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What's the difference between Nova Uniao and Gracie and Gracie Barra, etc? Is it just the way it's taught? How does it differ?
7/5/07 5:10 PM
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As a jiu-jitsu player that has been around some, i see this as a very interesting question. I have been a member of Nova Uniao and i have been an independent, as well as training with different affiliates from around the world. All of the top teams have great players and no one team can call itself the "best." NU is known for having great light weight fighters and BJJ players. They are a great team some great instructors are in the association.
7/9/07 2:44 PM
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Organizations are simply affiliations of schools who follow along a similar principal process. 

TaeKwonDo (Koreans) were / are big with organizations and how members can pay certain individuals to be affiliated.  This evolved in to break-offs and other organizations developing.  One is not necessarily better than the other; just whom you want your money to go to.  I've been on the subordinate end & the owner portion of an organization.  NO MATTER WHAT A TKD ORGANIZATION TELLS YOU - they are only after your money.  The company (I was one of the owners) has owners who wanted more & more money lined in their pockets; exactly what they argued about previous organizations.  Their initial intentions were good, but the total gross changed them. 

Brazilians do not seem to be the same as the Koreans when it comes to money & affiliations.  However, BJJ does seem to have more & more splits with affiliations lately.  I'm not positive, but it seems to be more political than monetary. 

The true backbone to affiliations (any art) are the students who put blood & sweat on the mat each training session.

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