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7/15/07 3:45 PM
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Kicked ass. Our guys represnting the Hard Drive/Hybrid Faction/Valhalla Alliance once again represented the area well and putting CR on the map. Beau Laughridge on three days notice took his opponent Duke Oursler out in 24 seconds in round 1. Duke got caught in a Beauatine........dont get caught in the Beauatine Duke. Awesome win Beau! Bill Kamery came in and CLEANED SHIT UP. Just as we knew he would his opponent Matt Williams came in leary of the hands. Tried to take Bill down, NO. Bill showed some nice sub defense while unleashing some serious grindage and nastyness to the dome. After a round of hell Bill caught a dazed and jacked up Matt Williams in a super tight side choke for the tap. Beating a Militech fighter in fight numero uno. Spectacular work. Andre Kase came out against a scrapy and long Chuck Grigsby, after a back and forth power struggle, Andre got trapped in a guilloting choke and was forced to tap. No doubt Andre will keep working hard and be back better than ever. Erik "New Breed" Koch showed once again why there is one level, and then his level. Eriks tall lanky opponent ate a kick to the midsection and kept coming, eventually hipping Erik to the ground where Erik was put into a bad position. No worries, after taking a couple shots no prob, Erik locks up a triangle and hits the armbar, two to three pops later and the fights over a minute and 20 seconds in. Good shit bro, 6-0, with last five fights ending in the first round. Tom Grubb took on cagey veteran Ryan "Dirty" Antle, who proactively overweighed and had a sizable weight advantage on Grubb. No worries, Tom laid down "The Law" and showed why his well rounded skills make him trouble anywhere you have him. After a round and a half of dominance, and meer survival on Antles part, Grubb finished the fight by ref stoppage in the second. Grubb stays UNDEFEATED. Ken "Kong" McClelland got back into his gorrila mauling ways. What a joy to see a big man drop big bombs. After his opponent foolishly attempted to take him down, Ken dropped about 4 fast hammer fists to the nugget, and finished with some SICK shots under the armpit. Opponent said "FU&# THIS" and tapped out. Dont blame him though, couple more seconds and he is in la la land. Jesse Lennox continues to not only get better physically in the cage, but mentally as well. As relaxed as ever in his first title defense, Lennox took his opponent to the ground with a great scoop high crotch slam. Maticulous with his position and showing great passing skill, Lennox moved from position to position until catching a Kimura. Locking in the arm, he nearly ripped his opponents arm off. His opponent tapped, but was game and was probably a half an inch away from dislocation. Lennox retains belt in rd one.

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