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7/17/07 5:51 AM
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Matthew Crispy
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I know you advocate sitting with 90 degree angles, and alternating between standing and kneeling after periods of 1hr or so. When sitting on a chair however, your tailbone is tucked under, could this be bad? Also, I was just wondering about other ways of sitting, on the ground say, such as: crosslegged, knees up (leaning on your knees), seiza, squatting- western and asian (heels up or down). Cultures that do these seem to have less back problems don't they?
7/17/07 5:49 PM
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As far as other cultures that have less back problems, this tends to occur the farther get away from areas with a lot of "modernization". Without the same modern conveniences, technology, and lifestyle, people tend to have a lot more functional movement in their daily lives. It is not the act of sitting that causes problems for the body, but rather the excessive amount of sitting that people in modern societies tend to do. You can sit any way you want as long as the amount of time you do it is not excessive. When I watch a 2 hour movie, I don't sit with all the 90 degree angles. I just lay back on my couch. When I eat, I don't sit up straight all the time. People sit at work, sit in the car, sit when they eat, sit to watch TV, sit to use their computer, sit to relax, sit to play video games, sit to read, sit in school, etc... When you add up all that sitting, it turns out to be a heck of a lot. If a person is in this situation, the only way to improve the situation is make some major lifestyle changes rather figuring out what improved sitting position to be in. It can be done, however, most people are unwilling to make those changes and they mistaken unwilling with unable.

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