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7/19/07 2:53 AM
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I'm 3/4 of the way through this book and I'm giving it a "MUST READ" recommendation!!! It's just hilarious and great. Here's a super-mini synopsis taken from an Amazon review: "As the cost of Baby Boomer Social Security benefits threatens to break the backs and banks of younger workers, a young blogger named Cassandra Devine leads a generational rebellion. She proposes "voluntary transitioning" - that is, tax breaks for elderly Boomers who agree to commit suicide by a age 70, thereby relieving rising Social Security costs. Even within this satirical context such a ghastly idea is too far out there to be treated earnestly, so she maintains that she is simply trying to provoke discussion. The concept, however, catches fire, and soon has a Senatorial sponsor and much media attention. " This book pokes fun at everything to do with the Washington political world. No one's safe including: liberals, conservatives, lobbyists, public relation firms, religious zealots, etc. etc. It's a fast, enjoyable, and very humourous read. Check it out!
7/21/07 7:54 PM
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Buckley is a very talented writer. Much better than his dad, who wasn't that bad at all.

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