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7/23/07 4:31 PM
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Dan Farley
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A friend of mine was telling me about a job she held for a while as a reader. Basically, she ended up reading screenplays for Donald Sutherland and loved it. She said that when she started out she would just sit down and burn through as many as she could because she got paid per script read. I remember her saying something about classes offered at UCLA extension which specialized in this, but I have lost touch with her and cannot seem to find the class she was talking about. Does anybody here have insight on jobs like this? I've also heard Matt Damon say that he started out like this, and that before writing Good Will Hunting, he had read over 500 screenplays.
8/8/07 5:35 PM
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Sometimes you can learn more from a bad script than a good one.

I've done a lot of rewrites and I did acquisitions for a distribution company for a while, which involved watching TONS of shitty movies.

I'm thinking  of writing a script about an heroic script reader who saves the world. THat way I know it will at least get past the first hurdle.

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