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7/24/07 11:06 PM
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I had a friend in Japan. He owned Pachinko parlors. If you're unaware, they bring in major cash, so this guy was loaded. He loved golfing. Golfed everyday. I think his handicap was a 4. If you rent an apartment over there you have to pay what we call "Key Money". It's basically a gift to the landlord and equates to about 5 months or so of rent up front. So a $500 apartment will cost $2500 just to get in to. So it was me, 2 other American friends and our rich friend Toshi. A friend (Tyler) has a 50 foot putt. We bust his balls that he won't make it. Toshi gets in on it too. Tyler says "If I make it, Toshi, you pay my key money (he was looking at an apartment)." Toshi says OK. We're going nuts. Everything gets serious. Tyler takes his time and puts some effort into making this putt. He lines it up. Takes his stroke. It's dead on. All eyes on the ball. It's about to drop and skips off the side and misses. We all practically drop from the tension. We're laughing. Toshi is right there laughing. We're like "You were gonna pay his key money dude." Toshis is like "Yea. Yea.....what's key money?"

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