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Jen >> training with kettle bells

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7/25/07 7:20 PM
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Iron Man
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hey mike are you still training with kettle bells?
7/25/07 7:42 PM
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No, I am not. My body is not ready for it yet. I tried to do it earlier, however, my body did not respond as positively as I had hoped. In fact, I actually took pics of my posture before and after I did some kettlebells and saw that the kettlebell work had a negative effect. Please keep in mind that I am not saying kettlebells are bad. They are just not right for me at this moment. On the other hand, I also think that most people are doing exercises that are not suitable for their bodies and which will cause they problems in the long run. Kettlebells may be something I will add again in the future, however, I am in no rush. I have certain goals with my body and I will do whatever it takes to reach that goal as quickly as possible. Besides my MBF exercises and strength programs, I am currently also do walking, running, hiking, obstacle course work, indoor rock climbing, swimming, in addition to my BJJ. Besides the light free weights I may use in my MBF strength program, you can see that all the other activities simply involve my own bodyweight. By doing these various activities, I have found that my general athleticism, and all the attributes that go along with it, have improved dramatically.

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