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8/9/07 5:54 PM
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Good luck to the guys from LDMA fighting at the IKF Nationals this weekend:

Mariea Snyder, Levi, & Chris Jamison (all from High Point).  Good luck also goes to everyone from LDMA (Little Rock) who will also be fighting.  I'm not sure of whom all is fighting.  However, I do know:    Brandon, Natalie, Deborah, Eli, and several others (sorry if I can't remember all their names now).  Without a doubt the team should bring back a bunch of title belts.

I'm also looking forward to hanging out with "BodyRocka", Wiliam, and Misha (Devestation) in addition to everyone else from the team.  I will try to keep everyone posted on this thread with results throughout the weekend.

Be sure to show some love for these fighters.

8/9/07 10:18 PM
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Edited: 09-Aug-07
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Good luck, y'all!!!!!!
8/13/07 10:25 AM
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FYI on the results from IKF Nationals in Orlando this past weekend.  LDMA had great representation and support throughout the event.

Levi (HP) - won 1st in the PKB event.  He looked great for his first competition w/ striking.

Chris (HP) - placed 2nd in the PKB event.  He showed awesome talent and put on a show of skill.

Deborah (LR) - fought full-contact rules.  She had a tough opponent and both of them went to war for all three rounds.  Judges were unable to decide a winner after 3, thus forcing them in to the 4th round.  These women threw everything possible at each other.  Unfortunately, Deborah came up with the loss for the fight - but won the crowd for fighting with so much heart & skill.

Erin (LR) - fought International rules.  Was similar to Deborah's fight in that they went to war and a 4th round.  Erin came up with the win and won the title belt.

Natalie (Tampa) - fought international rules.  She came out a little slow for her first fight.  However, in the second round threw a thunder pick-up round kick that layed her opponent OUT.  Then she fought another tough opponent in the finals.  Natalie's extensive training regiment over the past several months played a key factor in her winning this bout and taking home the title belt.

Mariea (HP) - fought international rules.  She won her first match and looked relaxed and in control.  Her finals match was crazy.  First, Mariea's opponent was 5'8" (we still think 5'9") which does make a considerable difference when Mariea is only 5'1".  These two ladies had the stare-down of the weekend and we knew it was going to be a battle.  Both of them fought with great skill and heart.  The decision was a split one, but went to the opponent. 

Eli (LR) - fought international rules.  This guy is only 15 years old and should be fighting in the adult divisions.  This is one of the MOST talented young-adults in kickboxing today.  He won the title belt; making this the 3rd year in a row.

Alex (LR) - fought international rules.  Talk about another up & coming stud.  You can definately tell Eli is his sparring partner - guy is tough as nails.  Alex won the first fight but lost in the finals.

Josh (LR) - fought full contact rules.  For his 1st fight, this warrior fought hard but lost the first match.  He is an extremely tough guy and has huge potential for the future.

Wallace (Baton Rouge) - international rules.  This man brings on the thunder.  He is built to fight.  His first two opponents were put to sleep within the first & second rounds.  The final opponent was a tough guy and avoided being put to sleep; however, couldn't stop Wallace from taking home the title.

Brandon Hawkins (LR) - muay thai rules.  Without a doubt, Brandon has matured in to an exceptional fighter and leader amongst the team.  Outside the ring, he was guiding the younger fighters and providing excellent advice.  Additionally, he played a key role in getting fighters ready for matches mentally & physically,  Inside the ring:  Brandon showed great skill and ability to listen to his cornerman.  His final opponent seemed to be a little timid at times - probably becuase he saw Brandon's first two beatings.  Obviously Brandon came home with the title, but showed he has grown to be a champion and a leader. 

I don't want to leave out Jessie "The Bodyrocka" & William who backed up Mr. Dring the whole weekend with the fighters.  "Behind the scenes" people are just as important as the fighter in the ring. 

Overall:  LDMA brought home 5-title belts for the weekend.  Great job to everyone who helped the team get ready.  Thanks for your support.

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