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8/13/07 3:01 PM
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Dear friends, We need your help. I live in Limassol, Cyprus (member country of the EU located in the East Mediterranean region) and I train jiu jitsu 3 times a week with a few other guys. I hold a blue belt (I got it 3 years ago) and so as my current instructor but of a higher level (under Rickson Gracie). As you realize, it is hard for us to progress on our own. We have held a couple of seminars in the past year and although they were excellent, they tend to cost quite a bit and the guy who comes over can stay for only one day. Another issue is promoting BJJ in Cyprus and getting more people to learn the art. As this is not the most efficient way, we are having serious thoughts of bringing over a black belt, preferably Brazilian, to teach the classes. A black belt taking over the classes would help us progress a lot faster and could potentially promote the sport in the country. Brazilian passport holders can stay in Cyprus for 3 months without having to apply for a visa. Holders of an EU member country passport can stay a lot longer. Please let me know if anybody is interested or if you happen to have someone in mind who could be interested. Thanks, Andreas.
10/2/07 2:34 PM
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Andreas, if you are still looking for a BJJ Blackbelt, I may have a contact for you in Brazil.  My good friend and training partner would love to help you with your school and promoting BJJ Cyprus.  When I lived in Germany, he did the same thing for me and one of my students, as we both had our own schools, but needed better representation.  email me brian@groundfighters.com and maybe we can get this going for you.


Brian Davis

Gracie Barra


10/10/07 9:32 AM
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Hi Brian, Thanks for your help. I already found someone from Brazil and he will be teaching in November and December. I will however have you in mind for next year if I need any help in bringing someone else over. Thanks, Andreas.

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