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8/16/07 6:22 PM
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Tony Torres
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Blauer Tactical Systems' 2007 S.P.E.A.R. System Combatives Camp was a huge success with over 65 participants from the Law Enforcement, Military and Martial Arts community. Attendees came from across the United States, Canada, France and as far away as Iceland. This year's focus was on functional combat fitness and our guest instructors did a phenomenal job in showing various protocols that enhanced the fitness level and therefore the safety of the group. The session started on Friday with introductions from: Tony Blauer & Blauer Tactical Systems Staff Coach Greg Glassman – Founder of Crossfit Dr. Robert Smith – Director of Direct Action Medical Network (D.A.M.N.) Greg Amundson – Founder of Amundson Combatives / Crossfit Instructor Jesse Woody – Founder of American Parkour / Crossfit Instructor Jeff Martone – Tactical Athlete / S.H.O.T. Immediately following this, the class was divided into three groups, based on the individual’s background, for training on Friday and Saturday. These groups were then put through an intense 90-minute rotation that covered the fundamentals of the S.P.E.A.R. System in the context of our Combat Calisthenics. The students received training in S.P.E.A.R. Strengthening & Sharpening drills as well as the Close Quarter Form. This was followed by Coach Blauer's session on the fundamental science of the S.P.E.A.R. System and the basics of the Range Rover drill. Friday evening started with a motivating lecture on the Human Weapon System by Dr. Robert Smith of Direct Action Medical Network. His lecture emphasized the physiological reasoning of the S.P.E.A.R. System and it's effectiveness in combat as well as its safety for training. His lecture was followed by a Q&A session and a group dinner and social. On Saturday morning Coach Glassman kicked things off with an inspiring lecture on functional fitness and how the CrossFit training philosophy can help us achieve this. The groups were then put through another rotation, this one lasting an intense 3 hours, with the other camp guest instructors. The first round saw Jesse Woody teaching the fundamentals of efficiently moving through an urban environment with obstacles. He started off by covering proper jumping techniques, followed by the basics of quadrupedal movement and fundamental precision jumping and landing. The students had the opportunity to practice basic rolling tactics; jumping, landing and rolling, as well as continued running motion after a roll. The second round had Greg Amundson putting the students through their paces with the basic four motions of the human body; opening, closing, pushing and pulling. First he covered “opening” by demonstrating the proper squat technique and putting the students through an intense Tabata squat session. He then covered “closing” by showing the "knees to elbows" exercise done from a pull up bar and having the students perform repetitions. “Pushing” was accomplished with the king of all pushing exercises, the handstand push up. Lastly the students were taught “pulling” with two variations of the functional "kipping" pull up. The third and final round of the rotation was done courtesy of Jeff Martone. The founder of Tactical Athlete exposed the groups to his S.H.O.T. program. This involved manipulating a weighted shot ball (anywhere from 6 to 14 lbs depending on ability) in maneuvers that increased the athlete's strength, explosiveness, and coordination in different ranges of motion. He also showed two man versions of the exercises as well as an intense combination solo routine. In the afternoon session Coach Blauer, after a brief warm up, taught the group the fundamentals of Emotional Climate Training, followed by its application in preparing against a strangulation attack (garrote style) from the rear. On Sunday, Greg Amundson started the morning early by leading the entire group in a Crossfit warm up and work out. Coach Blauer followed with S.P.E.A.R. System drills to counter the waist tackle and the single leg attack. All the Blauer Tactical Personal Defense Readiness Coaches in attendance were then separated from the group and put through and advanced Ballistic Micro-Fight session. The session integrated the previous days drills into a multiple attacker scenario. The session concluded with the PDR Coaches demonstrating the scenario they had just practiced for the rest of the group. Overall the camp achieved its goal by bringing together the two most important components for effective Law Enforcement, Military and civilian self defense. The combination of functional combat fitness and effective combat tactics.
10/30/07 6:36 PM
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Whoa... Long time since I have been on this site. I just wanted to express my experience at the Combatives Camp. I have to say my return on investment was over 100 fold! So much was covered that I it took three months for me just to process it...lol The camp was a huge compliment to my PDR Coach Training and has strengthened my coaching ablities with applying functional movement to MMA/Combat Sport work outs, PDR drills and BMF exercises. Coach Blauer and the BTS staff continue to amaze me in their integrity to finding the truth and building a strong team of innovators and motivators also dedicated to finding the truth. Thanks for all that you guys do... and Torres I am starting on the "Budo/Torres Line" of Budo Wear with the theme of half mesh shirts...lol See you guys in April for PDR 17, Aka
10/31/07 12:32 PM
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Any word on the dates for the next camp? Jimm

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