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10/9/07 3:13 PM
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judo man
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Edited: 09-Oct-07
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As a kid, I had to use wordperfect 5.1 and the thing that I miss the most as that a friend of my dad installed a great english writing program,it worked great, and would actually enhance your writing, make suggestions, analyze grade level etc. Something that word totally lacks, so I was wondering anyone here can suggest what good english writing software is would be useful? I'm tired of word's spell and grammar check that don't really help that much. thanx,
10/10/07 10:39 AM
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Edited: 10-Oct-07
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I remember using the same program on wordperfect when I was a kid. It helped me write some pretty good papers! I'm not sure what people use nowadays--I just got better at writing and stopped using everything but spellcheck. Word does have some of the features you're looking for--checking for passive voice, split infinitives, readability, grade level, etc. (I don't think it usually offers much in the way of suggestions though). You can set Word's setting to check grammar and STYLE. Bring up the spelling and grammar menu; go to options; change the setting from 'grammar only' to 'grammar and style'; check 'show readability statistics.' That might be an OK start until you find a better program that suites your needs.

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