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Jen >> Post-Surgery Recovery Through MBF

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10/18/07 7:06 PM
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Edited: 18-Oct-07
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I have had the opportunity to work with Michael Jen (a.k.a. Bolo from mma.tv) now for the past couple of months, while I have been rehabbing from hip arthroscopy and ankle reconstruction surgeries. I, and my doctors, have nothing but great things to say about the impact that the Muscle Balance Function (MBF) Development Posture therapy (http://www.solution4pain.com), I received from Michael, has had on my recovery.

I am 31 and have been training in martial arts for 15 years (MMA for the last 4). When I was a teenager, I injured both my hip and ankle during those activities, which subsequently "healed" and allowed to me go back to training. However, every couple of years, I always seemed to re-aggravate my hip. After my latest aggravation, I went to see the orthopedists at a top-rated sports medicine office. They diagnosed me with long-existing injuries...a labral tear in my hip joint, torn LCL ligaments in my ankle, and an attached osteophyte (bone spur) in the same ankle...so much for being "healed".

I remember reading on Michael's MMA.tv expert forum, about his personal healing experiences with MBF, and how they influenced him to become a MBF Development Posture therapist. He answered my questions very thoroughly on-line, and, eventually, during a consult call. I opted to have corrective surgery done, and begin following prescribed MBF Therapy menus, as soon as possible, after surgery. On top of everything else already diagnosed, during the surgery, they also found the initial stages of osteo-arthritis in my hip. I was told I'd need hip replacement in 20 years, or less, and that continuing with any martial arts training would only accelerate that path.

Once I was ready for therapy, I e-mailed Michael with the requested full-body profile photographs, so he could prescribe exercises to correct my posture, so that my body could optimally heal. As I was not local to his practice, each exercise was clearly explained, using video clips. Each menu prescribed was progressively more challenging, while making sure I was respecting the healing process my body needed to undergo. The menus were performed at least daily...sometimes, twice, or three times a day. It was not a passive rehab regimen, as doing the menu consistently directly influenced how well I recovered.

Following the prescribed exercises have made a big difference in my recovery period, and my quality of health, in general. My doctors are surprised at how quickly, and well I have healed. They use adjectives like "1-in-100" and "amazing" to describe the progress. The recovery period, originally thought to be about six months to a year, has been cut in half to about three months. I also have no doubt I will surpass the level of physical performance I had before, by continuing my work with Michael.

Customer service-wise, Michael is great at getting back to you, quickly, and making sure you are doing things correctly. Since he's involved in teaching and training martial arts, like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, he also understands our needs better. He also doesn't sugar-coat the amount of effort and thought needed to develop and maintain good postural health and physical performance. His website (http://www.solution4pain.com) is very informative, with articles explaining many of the concepts he applies.

Highly recommended for the healthy and the recovering,

Tom Montana
Austin, TX, USA
10/18/07 7:44 PM
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After surgery, Tom's doctors initially recommended standard physical therapy. Rather than doing that, Tom used MBF as his primary method of rehabilitation. He was doing his program one week after surgery when he was still walking on crutches and his ankle was still in a cast. I knew Tom as recovering well, but I was even stunned when he told me he had started to run. I believe when I talked to him a month ago, he was still wearing the post-op boot occasionally on his ankle and just walking, swimming, and on the stationary bike. Then the next thing I hear is that he didn't need the boot anymore and he was running 3 miles. People have heard me and others talk about using MBF for chronic pain and, recently, for acute injuries, however, this is a great example of how it can also be used for post-op rehabilitation and can help recovery at rate much faster than standard medical expectations..

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