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SBGI >> new SBGi Canada purple belt!

11/8/07 6:37 PM
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Matt Thornton
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New SBGi Purple belt!


This last weekend SBGi President Matt Thornton traveled to Edmonton Canada to teach a three day training seminar. He was assisted by longtime SBGi Coach Travis Davison. Also in attendance and assisting was SBGi Coach & friend Rich Beaupit from www.beaupitsmixedmartialarts.com. While there Matt promoted Calen Paine to a well deserved BJJ purple belt, as well as Andy Campbell and Anthony Stauffer who recieved blue belts. Here is a write up from a student who attended the event:

Matt Thornton Round 3:

At the moment I am just recuperating from an insightful and physically demanding weekend. As with all Matt Thornton and Straight Blast Gym International seminars, we are put through the paces with the latest training innovations in MMA and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Some of the topics covered were spider guard, guard surfing, insuring the rear naked choke, MMA stand up, and some very cool anti clinch tactics that can be used against the wall or cage.

We also had the pleasure of Travis, a BJJ brown belt who has trained under Matt for 8 years, he assisted the seminar and shared his own BJJ specialties with our group.

There are typically 5 belt levels with 3 stripes within each level. It starts with white, then blue, purple, brown and then the last one being black. In BJJ it is performance based, and the only way to advance is if you can functionally perform the tactics. Straight Blast Gym International BJJ ranking standards are very high so if you receive a belt promotion from this organization rest assured, you earned it.

Congratulations to Andy Campbell and Anthony Stauffer in their blue belt promotion and to our Mr. Calen (Major Paine) in getting his purple belt.

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11/22/07 1:21 PM
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Big congrats to Anthony and Calen!
11/23/07 11:33 AM
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Mike Sweeney
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Congratulations guys!
12/23/09 8:04 PM
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I commissioned Calen to give a four-hour RBSD seminar for my family on Tuesday Dec. 29, on my dime. If anyone located in/near Edmonton wants to join in, just bring $50/person... It's a steal. It will be a really small group, and Calen is an outstanding coach.


RSVP to me at ironmongoose@yahoo.com or call HIM (number is on his site).

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