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12/28/07 6:05 PM
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Voicemail I got today from hottie I've known for six years and never met, or hooked up with. Tax policy documents dancin' And from like 5 years ago when we started talking...That is a serious ruckus she brings. Hallway I have tons of "other" pics but they are only Tapout-appropriate, and I have NO idea what kinda place to host them online for Tapout deployment (that's a hint for tech support, BTW). .just one of the outta-town-maybe-someday leads...well, it's definitely in past tense now. A christmas invite since both of us hate the holidays and stay away from everyone....didn't go...i was down (and feel great now that they're over) but she was even MORE down. email 4 email 3 I posted pics of this one in my "women that got away" thread but the story has since developed even more, and a six-year on and off-again flirt has dissipated. Backstory on this girl is she's 39, got some serious problems, and a good heart. Never met her in person. Almost met her in Vegas in 2002 but backed out at last minute, because she's into blow and stuff and I don't do that. I don't rent limos to hang with women and don't do drugs. We talk about once a year for like a month straight, then I fall out of contact as I run into the same weird aversion to her. Then I send her an email months later because I kinda miss talking to her and we get it right going again. I have never been this way with any woman but her. Usually i'm direct and low key and that stuff. She is definitely a decent Cougar (never married, no kids) I can never bring myself to go up there to Vancouver, B.C. and get it. Even though she tells me it's mine anytime I want it. The thing is, it's been a LOT of people's and I know I'm not Vasco De Gama or anything discovering something new. So. We start talking up again a few months ago....mostly it's a one way convo with me listening to her ENDLESS drama with people in her social circle. And she goes on and on about this Lothario dude that broke her heart. I don't mind listening to other people's stuff, and in fact, do it a lot...but i have a one-hour limit per day. If I'd billed people for it, i wouldn't be working now. Recent vacation pic she sent me..gave me a hard time about not going to Mexico on a cruise with her. Bananas Basically she admitted to me she knows she is an aging hottie and can either get plowed by player dudes who can always trade up or provider-type dudes that have never had a hottie like her (she's told me stories of her party days....i'm pretty sure she's a wild one in the sack). Invited me to Palm Springs this summer and got pissed that I didn't go. Dude, I HATE Palm Springs. It's 120 degrees there with nothing but heat stroke and Rotarians. email 1 Anyways, we all have our baggage. And she is a kind person that just needs a friend at times. About a month ago I was ALL ready to go visit her and I get a phone call from her...she gave a local HIV-positive transvestite a ride home and was ANALLY RAPED by him. Went to hospital, got the rape kit bagged and stored for a year for whenever she goes to press charges. Got on some anti-HIV contraction meds and even sent me PICTURES of the bunch of pill bottles (below) email 5 I think she felt it was such an outrageous story she needed to supply proof. I felt horrible about if it was false or not.......she called me early this week and left voicemail that she was HIV-positive. I was happy for her if that was the case, but still not going up there now. At the risk of belaboring the obvious, after that happened, I didn't make it up to Vancouver. In the past few months I got tired of talking to EVERYONE and just stopped answering her calls. I have relatives, contacts, etc. that all seemed to be pissed at me. And probably for good reason. I'm tired and just enjoy being by myself. Her calls would come in past 11 p.m. when I'm up writing, or doing PS3, reading, whatever, and I just let'em go to voicemail. Got the one posted at top of thread today while at work. What's worse is, as soon as I heard it I immediately thought of the OG. She's had a string of stalker/abusive boyfriends and told me when she was 12 her brother used to regularly drug her and gang-rape her with his friends. I feel bad about blowing her off but I don't have the psychic capital to deal with being in that hurricane. Sometimes the best move you got at the table is to fold, and head right the hell back to the penny slots where you belong. She is a good person and I hope she finds someone nice...though she told me she will probably dump a dude like that because she always has. I swear this is the last depressing "chick thread" i make. At least till next week. By the way if anybody ever wants a friend to talk to or just a shoulder to cry on, give me a call or email me. I am always glad to listen. *FRAT*

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