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12/30/07 7:31 PM
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Im looking to hear anyone's experience. I've been thinking of going to school for it.
1/24/08 6:29 PM
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My wife is one, went through school but we haven't had the money for her to take the cert test. She enjoyed it, likes doing sports/therapeutic type massage. Unfortunately, you will have to learn all forms during school, instead of just the ones you want to learn. If you go to work in a spa, you will end up doing a lot of the funkier Eastern-type stuff, as well as salt scrubs and seaweed and plastic wraps(the plastic wrap makes them sweat off a bunch of water, so they think they have lost weight). If you want to build a client base but want to work independently, you will need to get into a spa or chiro's office until you are well-known/liked, then take them with you when you leave. I would say do this with a spa, as most spas underpay the massage therapist relative to what they charge the customer(unless it is in your contract to receive X percentage of the package price). If you work for an hourly wage expecting good tips, you will get raped. My wife was working for a spa which paid her $10/hour, to do massages which cost $50+ for an hour, and most of her clients did not tip well(note-if you are going to a massage therapist for a good deep-tissue, this is a lot of work for them, and it is just good practice to tip well on top of the price, especially if it is in a spa). If you are working in a spa, expect: -to be booked solid for your entire workday, with barely enough time in between to pee or stuff down some food; -have chronically sore hands, wrists, and arms/shoulders, as well as feet, since you will be on them constantly; -poor tipping, but I already said that; -poor pay, unless you negotiate your contract well(don't expect this to happen with your first employer after school). Don't let me discourage you, as working in the right place can make you some good coin. From what we have heard, try to get into a chiros office. They tend to pay their therapists better, though the part about working nonstop all day often applies there as well.

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