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1/2/08 8:53 PM
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I was able to catch an UCE episode on my cable channel the other day. I had heard about UCE last year when I started training. Are the promotors straight up? I was skimming through the fighters listed on the ucombat.com pages. I noticed a lot of "streetfighters" with "independent" listed as their gyms. Is the UCE up to par or is it a glorified street fight? Thanks for the info.
1/18/08 3:28 AM
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It has a bit of everything. Go to www.Ultimatecombat.com and look around in the forum. There is quite a bit of activity in there. You will get your questions answered in there.
3/8/08 2:44 PM
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There are some first timers. Some guys who train out of their garage, overall the quality of the show has gotten increasingly better. There has been a few UCE fighters that have been on the Ultimate Fighter show (Josh Burman, Brandon Melendez). The next Ultimate Fighter show will have Nick Rossborough on it, who is a tough guy but not one of the top guys at his weight in Utah . . . (Dana and the UFC turned away a couple of guys who have beaten Nick). Mike, the promoter, is a businessman. You will get out of Mike exactly what he says you will get; however, don't make any assumptions about what you "should" get or what you "deserve" to get. Be honest with Mike, he'll be honest with you. email him at ucombat@ucombat.com

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