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1/16/08 7:37 PM
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Has anybody seen this show yet? I caught the first episode the other day and I liked it al ot. This show was on the katana, the gist was "just how good is that old method of making a sword?" and could an engineer make a better sword with modern techniques/materials. They went to Japan to see how a katana was traditionally made, which was really neat as they got into the art behind making one, as well as how they're really made and not just the BS hollywood junk. Then they went to a sword smith in Iowa and had him make them a katana using modern steel and modern methods. Then they compared the two by striking armor to see what damage if any occurred, and cutting reed mats to test sharpness. Interesting note: The traditionally made katana got several weeks of attention just to polish it, where the modern katana got literally, one night to sharpen and polish. The traditional katana cut cleaner than the modern one (how much of that was the lack of attention to polish and sharpening it got I wonder), but chipped when impacting armor. The modern katana didn't. Looks like a neat show.

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