Hi again Everyone, I wanted to post to say thank you again, I really appreciate the time and responses, I learned something/clarified something from all of them. The W.I.N. principle makes a lot of sense, afterall, there is no future until you have passed through "this" present, that is a really good point. The GPS+ = -A + -D + -V really makes a lot of sense as well, and it is nice to have it spelled out so succinctly, that helps clear up a lot of the confusion and hesitation! The points Mr. Blauer mentioned about if your thinking hitting would be more gratifying than talking than you weren't in a real fight, is really a stunner! That is so true, the couple of times I have been really attacked, unexpectedly, the "ambush", he is absolutely right, those are the confrontations I don't have doubts about, and at the time my thinking was more like "Oh ___! Where's that arm?" And then it was just on... Also, I think the "Shit Metaphor" is just the plain truth of the matter, and that is something that I need to accept, its not all roses and cooperation sometimes, eh? I mean I know that but perhaps my wishful thinking was starting to takeover a bit - as was my wishful thinking that you are going to point out to a guy how he is being an ass and he is going to reply (basically) "Shit, you're right, thanks, I know better than that, sorry!" ;-) Thanks for the reality check. As for using the COB, I still need some time to work that out as I need time to still mull over everything that was said, I have been thinking about it nearly constantly for the past couple of days though and this has helped a great deal. I really appreciate this forum, and the time and advice Mr. Blauer makes available through hosting it and through his own postings, thanks again everyone, and thanks again Mr. Blauer! Sincerely, Lorenzo