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1/27/08 12:11 PM
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Ryan Dunphy
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Well apparently my shoulders have taken to alternating between what one wants to be crippled at any given time. For months my right shoulder has been crippled then all of the sudden it was fine. Now my left shoulder hurts constantly and even wraps around the front of my shoulder and feels like my collar bone is pulling itself apart. My doctor sucks and tells me to rest it, and a MRI cost me $100 i dont have. I am hoping to try active release and that other thing they do with the metal bar to heal scar tissue. Right now im in celebrex and tramadol and have switched to trying a heat pad to try and increase blood flow. Anyone know whats wrong with my old ass?
1/29/08 5:45 AM
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Scott Elliott
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Go to the S&C forum and look around. Lots of good shoulder info there. Do a search and you'll find rehab exercise, mace work, etc. that will help bunches.

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