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2/6/08 2:11 PM
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Hi Everyone, Early December during a wrestling tournament I went over on my ankle and paint shot up the outside of my lower leg. There was no "pop", just a lot of point tenderness about 4 inches up from my ankle joint. Followed the standard RICE... The next day I had a small lump at the spot, maybe the size of a quarter. My coaches said that I had a muscle tear and to rest. I rested 8 weeks (Christmas break helped) and returned to practice. Full strength, full range of motion, everything was fine. At the end of the first practice my ankle was a little bit sore, maybe a 1 on 10. During my second practice someone hit that spot on the outside of my leg where I had the bump before. The pain was incredible, it lasted all that night but almost totally gone the next day. I rest a week or so and all of the symptoms go away. I have gone back to practice a couple of times and every time I get hit all the symptoms and pain come back like the first day but everything seems fine after a couple of days. There is no pain running, jumping, planting... Everything is fine but that one spot. Very frustrated... Any ideas? Thanks
2/10/08 8:00 PM
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Had those same symptons on my patella. Sport doc told me it was a bone bruise. took me about 3months till I can kneel without pain.
2/14/08 4:33 AM
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Are you doing any specific stretching or exercise for that part of your leg? Have you had it evaluated by a competent health professional?

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