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2/12/08 9:57 AM
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Edited: 12-Feb-08
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Just had a question. im heading out to kosovo with my unit i was womdering if there is any training going on . On any of the army babses there . I am heading out there with the national guard so any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
3/10/08 6:42 AM
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Edited: 10-Mar-08
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I'm a level 3. I just finished conducting a level 1 course a couple days ago. A level 4 just landed on ground yesterday; not sure who he's with or how long he's staying. My command put the kabosh on running anymore combatives courses though. Right now the training is just me and my instructors getting together on an irregular schedule. Currently on ground we have all levels of the combatives program. We have potential to certify level 1s and 2's............and training isn't happening. I would say if your planning on running a course to start working on getting mats either through your unit or the MWR (good luck) if you want a class bigger than 14 soldiers.

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