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2/14/08 2:49 AM
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1. If a star crosses my local meridian at 1:00am tonight, tomorrow night the same star will cross the meridian at? a.about 1:28am b.about 1:04am c.about 12:56am d.about 12:32am e. there is no way to predict the rising time one day later. 2. If one has a spacecraft that can travel at the speed of light, to an observer on earth, how long will it take to go from one edge of the Milky Way Galaxy to the other and return? Assume the Galaxy is 75,000 light years in diameter, and that the spacecraft travels all the way across that diameter. a. 4.6 years b. 9.2 years c. 1000 years d. 15,000 years e. 150,000 years give it your best shot. i appreciate any serious answers you may have.

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