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2/16/08 11:31 AM
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Backyard fighting.....Bad for the sport Body: Decline of a Western Civilization: Backyard Fighting Ron Dayley and Kathryn Norbeck SSF Submission Academy 812 College St. Clarksville, TN 37040 There has been a lot of noise lately about backyard fighting. As many of you may know mixed martial arts (MMA) is currently illegal in TN. However, schools such as SSF Submission Academy, Nashville Mixed Martial Arts, Nemesis and many other academies throughout the state have been working hard to legalize the sport. MMA is a combination of wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Western Boxing. And, one of the fastest growing sports in the nation as witnessed by the exponential growth of events such as the UFC, Bodog, IFL and King of the Cage. It can be found on TV on numerous channels just about any night of the week. Yet, there are large groups of people out there who call themselves fans who hurt the growth of the sport everyday by participating in or watching backyard fights. Lets be clear about what backyard fighting is; a group of a school kids and/or adults with no MMA training. Every time people throw backyard fights it hurts the efforts at legalization. Parents find out about it and complain to their state representatives or call the local police. Not to mention that someone could with little to no training fight if he or she chooses to and risk serious injury. Anyone can do a quick search on YouTube and find numerous videos of backyard fighting; many of them ending in serious injury. They are unsanctioned, unregulated, and have no medical support for the participants (typically children, under the age of 18) on hand. The types of people that organize these kinds of events are parasites who care not about the fighters but rather about being the center of attention as the "matchmaker." Not to mention how insulting backyard fighting is to true MMA athletes and promoters. How ridiculous to think that a couple of guys with basically no MMA training could compete in something that they refer to as an MMA match. There is no honor in beating up someone with no training besides maybe some high school wrestling or Tae Kwon Do when they were six years old in someone else's backyard while a bunch of other highschoolers or worse, adults, look on. Unless someone has real MMA training they do not know the proper way to place a submission on someone, the difference between a windpipe choke and a blood choke, how far they can push a lock without doing serious damage to their opponent, or when to tap themselves to keep from being seriously injured; the list goes on and on. I have been extremely disappointed that some people that came into my academy looking for MMA training and professed to love the sport participate in something so detrimental to the legalization of MMA in TN. I have asked these people not to return to SSF until they have realized the negativity of what they are doing and have ceased these types of activities. I also ask other martial arts schools, regardless of background, style or affiliation to do the same. Legal MMA in TN benefits us all and only serves to help the sport grow and garner the type of aboveboard recognition it deserves as one the most ancient and truest sport in the world. www.SSFgear.com
5/15/08 6:31 PM
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