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2/22/08 2:38 AM
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ALCON, I'm in the painful process of trying to get a program started over here in Kuwait (with hopes of going bigger). I've asked before, but maybe I was too vauge. I am currently stationed at Arifjan Kuwait, and have been working on a project that would create a training facility here in theatre. It would consolodate all the Combatives training, as well as the personal defense, martial arts, and other contact sports that are spread out on the base camps. My initial pitch is to put one here on Arifjan, simply so that I could oversee it happen. A second would be pitched to be put at Camp Buhering for certification prior to the divisions pushing north. If those go well, then I would have a "cookie cutter" program for the major basecamps, i.e Victory/Liberty, Mosul, Kabul, etc. I would also have a starting point for the smaller camps to scale back to. This has been on a lot of people's "to do" list for a while. I know that a lot of you have had hands in making things happen, but I'm looking for two things: 1) Advice on gathering support from various commands 2) Decent equipment distributors, those who could ship large ammounts of equipment here to theatre If ANY of you could help push me in the right direction towards vendors that have assisted you in the past, please let me know. I am TDY to various sites roughly 3 weeks of each month, so I only have limited time to work on this. ANY INFORMATION IS HIGHLY APPRICIATED! If you can help at all, either reply here, or contact me via AKO @ ricky.irvin@us.army.mil Thank you for taking the time to read, and hopefully respond. SFC Ricky Irvin Camp Arifjan, Kuwait DSN 318-430-2239/8322

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