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2/25/08 7:56 PM
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lueng jon
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Triglycerides came back @ over 500. Normal range is about 150, Doc gave a prescription however it makes my muscles really sore. Any natural alternatives to getting them under control?
3/8/08 8:27 AM
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My triglycerides were wicked high for a while. Of course it was because my father was in the hospital about 2 hours away. The only thing I ate for about 9 months was fast food. I had to change my diet completely. I didn't like taking the pill, so I took myself off of them. I lost about 30 lbs by taking up running. I also started to cook more meals for myself and adding more vegetables into my diet. Having a fairly high fiber diet plus the exercise is what did it for me. My triglycerides were actually up over 2000 before my dad got out of the hospital and I was able to change everything to take better care of myself. Now I'm under 175 without medication. One thing I do is eat about 9 times a day. Lots of fruits and vegetables, plenty of grains. I start my day with a low sugar cereal or a bowl of oatmeal. I snack all day on fruits and nuts. For lunch I'll either have a salad or a lean meat sandwich. And for dinner I'll have a starch(potato, pasta, rice, etc.), a meat, and a couple of vegetables. I drink mostly water, but I start every day with coffee(one sugar and skim milk), and I drink skim milk with dinner. I hope this helps. I'll keep an eye on this post to see if you have anything else you'd like to know about it. It's been about two years on exercise and diet alone keeping my triglycerides down.

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