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2/27/08 10:56 PM
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I was recently hospitalized for an intestinal injury that I sustained during a colonoscopy. Although I am no worse for the wear the blood work that was done at the hospital indicates that I have a liver condition known as Gilbert's Syndrome. Gilbert's Syndrome causes a persons bilirubin production to skyrocket which means that their red blood cells are dying at a faster than normal rate. My doctor claims that this is a "benign disorder requiring no treatment" , but I've read up on the disorder and it appears that many people with this condition complain of chronic fatigue and have intestinal disorders like IBS. It turns out that I've had both of these problems over the course of my life and I'd really like to combat this order through supplements and changes to my diet. What foods and supplements can I take to increase my red blood cell production or increase the life of my red blood cells?
2/29/08 11:51 AM
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Ye Olde Lunatic
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I have gilbert's, and I have had (to my knowledge) no side effects.  My doctor labeled it "less than harmless".  On occasion my bilirubin shows up high in a blood test, nothing else. 

You are probably better off trying to combat the IBS directly through watching what yu eat and supplementation.  Certain foods can trigger IBS symptoms.

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