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2/29/08 1:27 PM
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Edited: 29-Feb-08
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My Motion for Continuance. I was set for a Motion to Suppress today. I hurt my back yesterday pretty bad. It was so bad this morning, I had to take 2 of my wife's percocets. Stupid me didn't have anything to eat. I was in court and when the case was called I asked the Judge if we could go sidebar. Conversation as follows: Bflex: "Your Honor, I need a continuance on this motion." Judge: "What's the problem? The State has all of the officers here. Everybody has been subpoenaed. I'm not inclined to grant a continuance." Bflex: "Your Honor, I hurt my back really bad yesterday and took two percocets this morning on an empty stomatch. To be honest with you, I am pretty messed up right now. I am in no shape to argue this motion." Judge: "You are high? Right now? In my courtroom?" Bflex: "Yes."(I thought I was going to be in trouble here) Judge: "Ok. Motion for continuance is granted. Mr. Flex, do you need for me to call you a cab? Are you going to be ok?" Bflex: (breathing a sigh of relief) "No Your Honor, my wife is coming to pick me up."

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