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3/3/08 2:46 PM
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Luis Gutierrez
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Greetings everyone, This will be the final 201-LE (law enforcement) course in Fl. this year. All others will be structured in two parts instead of the 5 day format. ISR Headquarters May 12-16 9101 Taft Street, Pembroke Pines Florida 33024 / 954-443-4183 ISR LE 201 - ISR LE First Tier Instructor Course ISR LE 201 is a five day 40 plus hour Instructor's Course specifically designed to produce ISR LE's first line of certified working Instructors within specific departments. Demanding on all levels, the standards we set here challenge all potential candidates to thoroughly understand and most importantly perform and exemplify the ISR LE's ability to readily transform an officer's tactical options from day one. The first and primary opportunity to train and educate those who legally intend on carrying on the message and methodology of the ISR LE to their own departments, the First Tier Instructor's Course is highly physical and tests candidates from the start on terminology, application, and spontaneous transitions throughout the matrix. Inside and out, the candidates are brought through the entire matrix and then as educators and representatives, taught to instruct on every segment as it applies to the Force Continuum though hands on instruction, lecture, and Q & A formats. Graduates are ISR LE Instructors because they can actively perform what they instruct and their knowledge and depth of the I.S.R. Matrix LE is both experience based and driven. This is required of them to assure they accurately pass on the information within their own department or agency and outside of it if they so wish to pursue further training and certification within the ISR MATRIX. Tuition: $695.00 Pre-Registration Secures Candidate's Training Slot Required Material and Gear at every ISR Course: Duty-Belt Handgun Replica Handcuffs Mouth piece Clothing suitable for Mat Work Expendable change of clothing suitable for grabs and pulls. Knee-Pads Course Prerequisites: ISR 101 course or familiarity of terminology and tactics on ISR 101 DVD set. All candidates must be familiar with the contents of the DVD set to assure proper pacing of the course and their opportunity to graduate. Graduation is not guaranteed. Candidates should be in good physical condition. Demands of the ISR201 require extended periods of moderate to intense levels of physical exertion throughout the week. Physically fit candidates are better prepared to deal with this component of the program and less distracted by fatigue during information intensive sessions. Candidates must be knowledgeable and experienced Instructors in the field of Defensive Tactics/ Use of Force. The ability to credibly convey information and safely manage a training environment is paramount to the development of ISR instructors. The limited time available to cover physical skills and program information mean that candidates must hit the ground running with little if any time available to work on fundamental speaking and presenting skills. luis@isrmatrix.org
3/11/08 11:00 PM
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ttt for the best LE tactics program I have seen.
4/13/08 2:42 AM
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back TTT for Luis and I.S.R.

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