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3/8/08 2:58 AM
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Edited: 08-Mar-08
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Someplace close to Kadena AB. Anyone? Coming in April and wanted to train. Any info would be appreciated.
3/27/08 6:26 PM
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Edited: 27-Mar-08
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If you walk around occasionally you'll see flyers for gyms and events. There's even contact info for one painted on the Sunabe Seawall (out gate 1 kadena). At least that's the way it was 4/2007 the last time I was there. There used to be a famous boxing gym right there on highway 58 in chatan but it changed management (if it's even still there) and the old coach opened a place up in naha. I'm planning on going again this year, but will probably be spending most of my time in ishigaki when I'm not at the Orion Beer festival.
3/29/08 10:11 PM
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Edited: 01-Apr-08 02:57 AM
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Ask on the Kickboxing forum, I think Ryuku Damashi who posts on there trained for some time in Okinawa. Edited as requested.
3/30/08 1:34 AM
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Edited: 30-Mar-08
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Might want to edit that post and put Ryukyu Damashi instead of his real name. RD's a good friend of mine - we were in Okinawa at the same time, but I was busy jackin around with kung fu while he was hanging with Andy Hug. Gonna see him in Virginia in May actually. He'll probably tell you the same as I did. email me through here and I can help more.
4/14/08 6:52 PM
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Ryukyu Damashi
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I would ask at the USO by gate two and at the gyms on base. There might be a BJJ class.

Hyblid Wrestling Mugen is a Pancrase gym in Naha.

Akinobu Hiaranka has a gym in Naha.



4/19/08 6:34 AM
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Edited: Apr 19 2008 12:00A
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Depends on what kind of training you are looking for.

There are obviously a great deal of boxing gyms (Okinawa is known for turning out a lot of top fighters over the years).
I think World Boxing was near Gate 2 in Okinawa City.
As mentioned Hiranaka's is also a well known place and I noticed that a new one had opened up on the 58 between Urasoe and Chatan when I was last in town.

As for kickboxing - there seem to be a growing number gyms on the island, but for your location and situation (I am guessing that you are U.S. military), there is Kamikaze gym which seems to be popular with military http://www.kamikazejuku.com/kamikaze/ and Wild Seasar who have taken over Kamikaze Gym's old location and also hold regular events http://www.wild-seasar.com/ .

As for grappling:
I hear that there is a BJJ team on one of the bases, not really sure about details (maybe Foster?).
Mugen folded years ago, there have been many other gyms opened in its place although most (that I know of) have no Enlgish speakers and probably not that keen or used to US military.
There is Motion Academy http://www.mtn-fight.com/ based in Nago, it's a nice facility, the owner is a fluent English speaker and they seem to be getting a lot of military guys working out there lately.

Of course for Judo and Karate you can go to your local municipal sports centre and see what is going on there - the level is usually pretty good and its either dirt cheap or free.
Actually, I think Okinawa City Judo club (not far from Kadena) has a US base liason and the two groups work-out together often. The heads of the club are really old-school and virtually encylopedia's of grappling knowledge.

The various universities have strong Judo, Wrestling, Puroresu and I believe Ryukyu University has a Daidojuku club.

Probably a bit out of your way, but the Budokan of course has a bit of everything going on all the time, many are informal groups who are often quite friendly and helpful.

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