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4/8/08 1:24 PM
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Edited: Apr 8 2008 12:00A
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I had to take my watch off for surgery. Sitting in the hospital and recovering in the bed, putting my watch back on never was a priority. Well the nightstand next to my bed was the landing place for a lot of stuff. Meds,drinks,foods,phone, WATCH, and it became cluttered. My 6 year old likes to clean up(didnt get it from me) so he was cleaning up and saw my watch and looked at it. A rolex after a couple days not being on will stop. It stays working when it is on by movement while it is on. They make boxes for expensive watches that move them so they wont quit. Well since my watch isnt working, my son assumes it is broke and throws it in the trash. So anyone wanting a Rolex free I know where you can find one.

I have seen people look through the city dump for stuff but not this kid. If anyone wants the watch and doesnt mind looking through the junk, I can tell you what kind of bag it was in and you can find out where the trash was headed. This isnt a joke. i am not going to look for it. It really is in a trash sack at the dump. U want it its yours.

FREE ROLEX, just got to get a little dirty to get it
5/21/08 8:14 PM
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Word. I hate mine. I only wear it when I am slummin and I always have to reset it and set the date. BS IMO.

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