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5/10/08 6:46 PM
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Its been a week since I ate a body-shot, on my left side. X-rayed and no break, said it was this, still uncomfortable.
Breathing real deep hurts. Feels like somethings dislocated or something.
3/31/09 11:26 PM
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I'm going thru the same thing. No break but feels like one rib is moving around on the back left side. Going back to the doctor tomorrow or the next day. I'll keep you posted.
4/1/09 1:34 AM
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Over the weekend, one of my training clients suffered a similar impact to the same area, though hers was less severe. On Monday we spent about 20 minutes addressing it with positional release techniques and active isolated stretching. After that we worked through some Intu-Flow joint mobility, and then she was able to resume our regular training.

It's great you had it checked out so you know for certain that it's not a fracture. Under the circumstances, that was the wisest first step to take. :)

Aside from the ribs in that area, you have a whole lot of soft tissues, including several layers of muscle. A good shot could cause muscle spasms, and sometimes they don't go away very quickly.

While your ribs heal, you want to work on getting the muscles around those ribs to relax so everything can get back to normal function and movement. There are layers of muscle between the ribs as well as all around them. A good bodyworker skilled in therapeutic massage could help you get them back in order, and certainly help you identify which ones are most affected. If they are well-trained in therapeutic stretching methods (PNF stretching, Active Isolated Stretching, etc.) they could probably teach you how to stretch those areas effectively.

If possible, you might also look for someone well-trained in positional release techniques. The best-known positional release method is Strain Counter-Strain, which is usually practiced by osteopaths and PTs but is also available to athletic trainers and MTs. You can search for Strain Counterstrain practitioners here: http://www.jiscs.com/FindTherapist.aspx

Massage therapists certified in Neuromuscular Therapy also receive training in positional release techniques and Muscle Energy Technique, another useful type of therapeutic stretching. You can search for NMT practitioners here: http://www.nmtcenter.com/practitioner/

Hope that helps!

Jason Erickson

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