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7/1/08 10:05 AM
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Edited: 07/01/08 10:16 AM
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"Joseph Cambell is a very poor example. He didn't claim Christianity was a conspiracy".

I'm not claiming that Christianity is a conspiracy, I believe it's a natural progession of earlier belief systems. Although the Roman Church certainly used artistic licence when re-creating christianity so that it would appeal to the various pagan groups.

Campbell does state more than just a similarity between christianity and earlier religion, he even joked about the missionaries that claimed it was the work of Satan, who had created Jesus figures prior to his existence in order to test people's faith.

"Secondly, looking to mystery cults for truth is a dead end. The Freemasons are a fraud. Their ancient historical foundations are a sham that has consistently failed to hold up to even mild historical scrutiny."

Where can I read examples of this scrutiny?

I only mentioned the Freemasons because I was surprised to discover where this whole Horus/Krishna/Jesus is allegory for the Sun thing began.
It's being bandied around everywhere these days and the Freemasons have believed it for centuries. I thought it was interesting how a long held but relatively low key belief from a 'mystery cult' is now receiving such mainstream attention.

"Mystery cults are, by their very nature, doomed to die off unless you really hit the big time in the modern era with aggressive recruitment the way Scientology has, which is basically a mystery cult with a sci-fi twist. "

I agree 100% about Scientology, Hubbard was an occultist and a Freemason, as well as a sci-fi writer. As for mystery cults being doomed to die, groups like the Masons have survived for hundreds of years, possibly longer depending on who you believe. Rosicrucians have survived in one form or other for even longer. I don't think they will ever die off, they'll just go through peaks and lows.
9/10/08 5:04 PM
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Redneck - The Old Testament was compiled from a large number of sources and much of it can be traced back to Sumerian and Babylonian mythology. Other parts of were written by a team of Egyptian priests and it was put together and passed off as the Hebrew bible.

 It's been a while but I saw a special on the History channel on the Assyrians, Sumerians and Babylonians.  They stated that the Hebrews did not have a written language until they were captured and enslaved in Babylon.  They also stated how the old testament was based on ancient stone tablets the Sumerians had written hundreds of years before. 

By the way I am a Christian but there are a lot of mixed messages in the bible.  Heck the God from the OT and the NT seem like two totally different Gods. 


9/17/08 3:48 PM
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 I took a college class which centered around Joseph Cambell and the Power of Myth.  I was so frustrated with it because ALL his info on Judaism was friggen WRONG...

Just interested, I can understand the argument for multiple authors of the OT, also previously dated material used, and outside religious influences but where are you gathering your spacific info on this from?

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