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6/27/08 1:44 AM
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I mean, do you leave reviews of your experience(s) from restaurants that you visit?

I go to Restrauntica Restaurant Reviews before and After i go to a restaurant.

It gives me an Idea of what to expect for food and service.

Once I have eaten there, I am usually pretty prompt on writing my review. Its a quick sign up process, but lets you express what really impressed you or what really chapped your ass about the place.

Its a great site. Type in the name of the eatery, and what city its near and VOILA...you should get something. And if not, you can add it to the databasse very quickly.

I love to read others reviews, sometimes they help and can tell they are genuine, and some you can disreguard as someone just wanting to complain!!!

So help out a fellow foodie and review places you've visited.

6/27/08 8:41 AM
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I've only left a review for one restaurant in my old town in VA.  I felt it was my duty to let people know of the only spot within 50 miles of the city that had good Mexican food.  Actually I did it through my wife's facebook because I don't have an account, so I won't post the actual place.  But now that I moved to Bumfuck TX what am I gonna do, review the Chilis? 

I do check places like tripadvisor and whatnot when travelling though. 

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