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7/10/08 12:02 AM
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Matt Thornton
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 If you would like to sign up for the newletter you can enter your address in the sidebar at  www.straightblastgym.com  it is free

Here is the lastest update:

Play As The Way on ESPN
(Sorry about the delay in getting out the newsletter... due to a technical error with the service - ed.)

Cool news from Luis:

"ESPN just spent all of Saturday morning until 5PM fiming our PAW program and interviewing kids and parents. They interviewed me for about 90 minutes for what will be a feature on MMA and kids. Should be interesting. They said it would air in late July or August.

It was plenty of fun as everyone really took PAW to the next level with the joy and performance as one. The kids (ages 5-14) did warm ups, range drills, tempo mma sparring, one for one take down to take down counters and reversals then open mma sparring followed by games.

The piece will show the backyard mma bouts on youtube along with all the neck and leg/ foot injuries from sport grappling tourneys to poor optimist football style coaching and yelling at the kids from the sidelines throughout pieces of PAW kids training, inteviews, and PAW comp footage."

-Luis Gutierrez
V.P., SBGi

Competition Team Updates
Viking Conquers Hawaii

Fresh off 3 Months training with BJ Penn in Hawaii, Gunnar "Gunni" Nelson won the Advanced 176 + division at the Hawaiian Open BJJ tournament on June 1st.

Scrambleton Wins

On Sat, June 14th, Hamilton "Scrambleton" Ash fought for the second time under the SBG flag. Hamilton dominated his opponent with solid striking, clinch work, takedowns, and ground and pound. He finished the fight early in the second round via referee stoppage due to strikes from mount. At 18 years old, Hamilton showed great composure and good technique. We're all very proud of him. 
-James Davis, Portland Gym Instructor

7/10/08 12:02 AM
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Matt Thornton
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WCFC MMA Results

West Coast Fight Club scored big wins in the June 27th Friday Night Fights in Mt. Vernon, WA. The gym went 2-0 with John Keay submitting his opponent and Eddie Serrano winning by KO in 9 seconds of Round 1.

Rosi Sexton Signs with Elite XC!

Rosi Sexton, the current CWFC Female Champion has signed for a 3 fight deal in the USA with Elite XC. As yet her first bout has not been scheduled but Warrior Promotions expect to confirm shortly that this will take place in August of this year.

The unbeaten BodogFIGHT veteran is already known and highly regarded across the world having previously fought and defeated Carina Damm, Windy Tomomi & Julie Berezikova. Following the recent success of the inaugural CBS Showtime broadcast on May 31, Rosi will increase her media exposure to become a household name throughout North America when she faces some of the toughest female opposition that the USA has to offer on primetime saturday night TV. CBS is a freeview channel and recorded a peak viewing audience of 6.51m for its inaugural broadcast on May 31.

Not a stranger to media publicity, Rosi is constantly in demand in the worldwide MMA media for interviews and general commentary in the mainstream press for her views on female MMA alongside her various other duties including full time mother, osteopathy student, contributor to Fighters Only Magazine and her commitment to her twice daily training at SBG in Manchester.

When asked in a recent interview by Full Combat Fighter Magazine how she coped with her varied responsibilites she quipped 'I cut corners and rely on my natural brilliance'. As a PhD carrying Doctor in theoretical computer sciences, who are we to argue, not us thats for sure considering she can dead lift nearly twice her own weight and has been training in MMA for 9 years.

Her coach and partner, Karl Tanswell of SBG UK in Manchester, is as excited about the news as Rosi after months of considering rival offers following the BodogFIGHT collapse and is relishing the opportunity to prove Rosi's skills once again on one of the biggest platforms for MMA in the world.

Karl is responsible for all of her training and has devised a unique method of developing and improving her takedowns using a harness. 'The harness is all about landing her hips and keeping up hip pressure' he explains. 'If she can keep up hip pressure, she's good. When we travel, we've got no one for her to spar with, so that gives her what she needs'.

Warrior Promotions, who manage Rosi, are currently engaging with prospective sponsors to maximise the huge exposure this will provide. All enquiries for media and marketing should be directed to Tony McDonagh at Warrior Promotions Fighter Management Ltd.

Thanks for the contribution of Jeff 'Wombat' Meszaros and please check out the full article in the next edition of Full Combat Fighter Magazine.

7/10/08 12:03 AM
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Matt Thornton
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Team Beaupit / SBG Canada Tourney Results

This weekend Team Beaupit’s MMA/SBG Canada competed in the MMA Expo Salvosa BJJ Tournament in Toronto. We brought 7 athletes for the gi divisions Saturday, and 5 of them came back for the no-gi on Sunday. Total medal count for the weekend was 3 Championships, 1 second and 3 thirds.

In the gi divisions Mike Ramirez, won the Light-Heavyweight championship belt, winning both his matches on points.
In his first BJJ tournament, Justin Mitchell, middle-weight, took 3rd place going 3 and 1 on the day. The loss was by one point, and all his wins were by submission, all armbars. His last fight saw Justin lnd a wicked double leg tkedwon that took ALL the wind/fight out of his opponent. The guy just went “limp” on landing and you could hear the air leaving his body!
Our lone female competitor, 16 year old Dani Giles, took 3rd place in her first tournament. With only 2 months of training, she had to fight older and way more experienced women, but gave them a good go. Her second match saw her headlock throw her opponent about 5 seconds into the match with what was probably the loudest landing I’ve heard in a while. Dani ended up in guard, and almost choked the girl out with a collar choke.

In the Junior 15 - 17 division, we had Derek Hache, Mitchell Adamson and Dan Smith compete but did not place. Good effort by all, but the best lesson learned that day was by Mitchell. To prelude this, Mitchell just turned 14 but wants to fight so we “lied “ about his age. All the kids were also bumped up to the 155 lbs group when they are usually in the 125 group.(not enough people). Mitchell fought a 17 year old that had 20 lbs on him, had him by 9 - 0, and amd ethe mistake of getting greedy. He went for a submission instead of locking the guy down and got caught in a triangle. Hard lesson but I believe a good one for him to feel.

In the no-gi divisions, Mike Ramirez took the Championship belt, winning 3 matches, one by anaconda choke and two by points. Mike just received his blue belt, but wanting to test himself he fought advanced, facing two tough local guys, one from Extreme Couture’s new Toronto gym.
Derek Hache took the Chmpionship belt in his division, with Mitchell taking 2nd and Dan finishing 3rd. We took all the places for this division.

Almost every opponent asks my guys “Where do you train?” It feels great for me as a Coach because alot of the gyms we compete against have Black Belt BJJ instructors,hundreds of students, and tons of fancy moves, and they are trying to figure out who we are and what are we doing.

And if they were to SEE what we are doing, they would see BASICS, FUN, and of course, the SBG VIBE! It’s not like we are hiding it.
-Rich Beaupit, SGBi Canada Instructor

7/10/08 12:03 AM
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Matt Thornton
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Edited: 07/10/08 12:46 AM
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SBG East Coast Tourney Results (& Ninja Wins!)

The Massachusetts teams had a great day at the huge N.A.G.A. New England grappling tournament on June 28th, which drew well over 1,000 people and hundreds of competitors. Most were either first or second-timers, but all did a great job and learned a lot from the experience even if they did not place. There were a bunch of medals:

Nexus Martial Arts / East Coast HQ

-Jon Madeira (Teens No-Gi Beginner Lightweight): Gold
-Jon Madeira (Teens Gi White Belt Lightweight): Gold
Jon tore through everyone in two big divisions, winning with I think 7 quick submissions and only one on points.

-Courtney Miranda (Teens No-Gi Beginner - combined w/ higher weight class): Silver
-Courtney Miranda (Teens Gi White Belt - combined w/ higher weight class): Bronze
As in her first tournament, she didn't have anyone her size so her division was combined with higher weight classes. She still did a great job.

-John Murphy (Mens No-Gi Beginner Welterweight): Gold
This guy is all hard work, and a testament to what SBG is all about!

-Ed Sweeney (Mens No-Gi Beginner Welterweight): Silver
-Ed Sweeney (Mens Gi White Belt Welterweight): Bronze
Fantastic first tournament, with some nice subs. He and John split the medals in the No-Gi division. Ed's son Mike also competed, and although he didn't place he showed that he is going to be really good. Two of the matches Mike lost he had fully sunken in triangles that had his opponents about to tap. I think he was off in his pressure by a centimeter or so, and both times his opp's escaped won narrowly on points.

-Tom Ramsey (Mens No-Gi Novice Flyweight): Gold
First tournament, subbed everyone.

-Rob Stuck (Mens No-Gi Beginner Flyweight): Bronze
Some sandbagging in a very tough division, but he did awesome in his first tourney.

-Ryan Parker (Mens No-Gi Expert Flyweight): Bronze
Ryan was also reffing and missed his blue belt division so he only got a chance to enter the expert no-gi. Considering he was going against higher level guys and had no warm up he looked solid.

-Cesar Barros (Mens Gi Purple Belt Super-heavyweight): Silver 
Only two matches in this division, and both guys outweighed him by 50lbs. Next time he diets a little to make heavyweight!

-John Catapano (Mens Masters Gi White Belt Heavyweight): Gold
First tournament, and Dr. John smashed his division. Total dominance in every aspect.

-Nelson Sousa (Mens Masters Gi White Belt Heavyweight): Bronze
Also a first timer. He had a rough first match (major nerves) but came back strong and looked like a totally different guy in his subsequent matches to get the bronze. Huge learning experience for him! 

- Bob Smith (Mens Masters Gi White Belt Welteweight): Bronze
Unfortunately Bob got surprised early with a nice flying armbar and didn't get a chance to fight for the higher medals. He is a terror on the mats, though, and will definitely be one of our gnarliest blue belts. 

7/10/08 12:03 AM
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Matt Thornton
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Dynamic Martial Athletics 

-Sam Tervo (Kids No Gi 60 -69.9lbs Beginner): Gold

-Matt Hubert (Mens Gi White belt Welterweight) : Gold
Submitted all 4 opponents

-Mark Barolak (Mens Gi White Belt Superheavyweight): Silver 

Dragon Within Martial Arts

-Robert Geo No Gi Masters Beginner Lt Heavyweight: Silver
-Kristian Kofon Gi White Belt Flyweight: Silver
-Kristian Kofon No Gi Teens Beginner Flyweight: Silver
-Kristian Kofon Gi Teens Beginner Flyweight: Gold
-Joseph Delisa Gi Blue Belt Lightweight: Bronze
-Shannon Horney Gi Womens Blue Belt Lightweight: Silver

MMA Extra: Murilo Ninja Wins at EliteXC

Congrats to our buddy Murilo Ninja Rua for an awesome win over highly touted (and undefeated) opponent, Tony Bonnello, in the June 14th Elite XC in Hawaii. Although not an official member of SBG, He now considers Nexus his U.S. headquarters since I served as his trainer for a month earlier this year when he came to the U.S. to do a training camp with us. Ninja decided to fly from Hawaii to Massachusetts for a day and a half visit "on his way" back to Brazil after the fight, and was definitely pumped about the win.
If you missed it, you can check out his fight on the link below.

-Steve Whittier, East Coast RD

Ninja vs. Bonnello, click here
New SBGi Brown Belt!
Gunni Gets His Brown (in 3 Years)

Congratulations to Iceland's own BJJ prodigy, Gunnar Nelson, on receiving his Brown Belt from Ireland Director John Kavanagh. This advanced rank comes after only 3 years of training, and considering the high standards for belt ranking in SBGi, this is a quite an accomplishment!


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