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7/13/08 10:08 AM
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I'll try to be brief.

I graduated this May with a degree in physical education. I really enjoy it, but it's not like we're in the greatest demand. I wasn't able to find a permanent job, or even a non-related job some I'm thinking about going back to school for a different degree.

I've always really liked research and most anything with numbers; although I don't have what I would call strong math skills.

I've always liked doing little projects where I compare salaries and the cost of living in various places. I also like anything mortgage related as well.

Would something in the finance area be suited for me? Since I have a B.S. I would probably go for a Master's degree and take the prerequisite classes concurrently.

9/7/09 6:51 AM
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I graduated also in June of 2008 with a BS in sport psych (kinesiology)

waste of money (FUCK!)

Right now, I hear and read a lot about accounting is a decent degree to pursue.

I won't be going for a master's because despite already having a bachelor's. Going to grad school is too pricey and I am eligible for no financial aid. I will enroll in junior college then transfer.

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