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7/23/08 11:17 PM
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I've been thinking about this for some time now and wanted some input from the team here. What are people's thoughts on the impact of training in sport or traditional martial arts on a person's responses in a self defence situation. It's been said (and demonstrated) that what you train comes out under pressure so if someone spends most of their time training in a sport system or in a traditional martial art might they be motor setting responses that could be less desireable in a defence situation? If this is the case has there been any kind of research into how much balance is required in training to counteract this? For example if I'm doing 6 hours of BJJ per week is there an amount of more street-effective training (such as SPEAR training) that would be needed so that if an altercation does occur I'm not automatically going for more risky techniques and strategies?

I don't mean any offence to arts that are sport orientated or more traditional in nature, I'm just analysing my own self-defence practices and this thought came up.

I hope my question is worded clearly enough too.

Thanks in advance.

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