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7/28/08 3:51 PM
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Please give me a reading list of some/everything you've ever read because you seem to know shit loads and I'm feeling fucking inspired today and want to learn all of science today. Also all of history and everything else
8/1/08 3:25 AM
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Revolver of Reason
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 I know a fair amount, I don't know shitloads, trust me I've met people that put me to shame.

it's gonna take a lot longer than a day to learn even a field of science, but you won't learn anything if you don't start.

here are some books I think are classics

"Mathematics For The Nonmathematician" - Kline - layman's guide to math

"Code" - Petzold - computer science for the layman

"The Advent Of The Algorithm" - Berlinski

here are some interesting history/contemporary affairs ones -

"The Puzzle Palace" - Bamford

"A History of Warfare" - Keegan

"Networks and Netwars" - Arquilla and someone else, basic guide to modern conflict

"From Dawn To Decadence" - Barzun

"How To Make War" - forget who did this, good intro to modern strategic conflict

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