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8/26/08 10:09 AM
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I am embarking on my long overdue lifestyle change. I am going to be trying to lose weight and cut down my BF%. I am not trying to bulk up at all, I am going to try to just tone my body.

I am currently 210lbs, and the last time I was really in shape was senior year high school wrestling when I was about 165-170, so that is my target weight. The weight has mostly come from eating unhealthy in college, and just not excercising.

I set a goal of about 15lb weight loss for November 8. There is a NAGA tournament in NJ and I am going to try to get down to 190lb for that. So that is my first goal.

I currently am training at Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Scranton, PA 2-3 times a week in submission grappling (no-gi). Besides the times when the instructor is showing us new stuff it is a pretty intense workout with the rolling and all.

My work provides free membership to the YMCA next door and I looked around the facility yesterday and it is pretty good stuff. I have an hour each day for lunch (5 days a week) and I think that is when I will go over and workout. I will be crunched for time, and with my goals what should I be doing in this time?

I am going to get my fitness analyisis done today at the Y to determine my BF%, blood pressure, anthropometric measurements, and a 1-month structured program.

My plans: workout 5x a week at the Y from about 1:30 to 2:30. Train in grappling 3 times a week, 90 minute sessions each. Ultimate goal 30lb weight loss by January. Is this possible with this workout schedule?

My Diet: This is where I need help. I was going to set up an appointment with a nutritionist. Do you recommend I do this ? Really I think I basically need someone to set me up a daily schedule of what I should eat and I can just stick to it.

I know this is kindof a generic post, but any help you guys can give me for my personal goals would be awesome.
9/4/08 10:52 AM
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Edited: 09/04/08 10:52 AM
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Low carb high fat diet = in one month you go back to your natural genetic weight, ripped body even if you dont training.

Read the Wolfgang Lutz book "Life Without Bread".

Basicaly diet looks like 70-100 g carbs, 150-200 g fat, and 100-150 g protein.

Organic food, saturated fat but no refined carbs, no potatos and grains.

Hard to belive? Life is stranger than fiction.

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