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8/27/08 1:18 PM
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bluenamer, please help with the link:


I've always wondered if BJJ training could have a risk for stroke. Anybody know of an instance of this?
8/27/08 4:28 PM
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I've never heard of anyone having a stroke doing BJJ and we crank the crap out each other's necks all the time. In addition, I've had my neck adjusted thousands of times and I'm totally fine. I'm sure more people have died of medical mistakes than chiro adjustments. If people want to decrease their chance of stroke they should be more concerned about diet, exercise, and stress.
9/4/08 11:23 PM
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Well said Bolo.

Here's the latest research on the risk of stroke with neck manipulations:

Spine. 2008 Feb 15;33(4 Suppl):S176-83.

Risk of vertebrobasilar stroke and chiropractic care: results of a population-based case-control and case-crossover study.

Cassidy JD, Boyle E, Côté P, He Y, Hogg-Johnson S, Silver FL, Bondy SJ.

Centre of Research Expertise for Improved Disability Outcomes, University Health Network Rehabilitation Solutions, Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada. dcassidy@uhnresearch.ca

Population-based, case-control and case-crossover study. OBJECTIVE: To investigate associations between chiropractic visits and vertebrobasilar artery (VBA) stroke and to contrast this with primary care physician (PCP) visits and VBA stroke.

Chiropractic care is popular for neck pain and headache, but may increase the risk for VBA dissection and stroke. Neck pain and headache are common symptoms of VBA dissection, which commonly precedes VBA stroke. METHODS: Cases included eligible incident VBA strokes admitted to Ontario hospitals from April 1, 1993 to March 31, 2002. Four controls were age and gender matched to each case. Case and control exposures to chiropractors and PCPs were determined from health billing records in the year before the stroke date. In the case-crossover analysis, cases acted as their own controls. RESULTS: There were 818 VBA strokes hospitalized in a population of more than 100 million person-years. In those aged <45 years, cases were about three times more likely to see a chiropractor or a PCP before their stroke than controls. Results were similar in the case control and case crossover analyses. There was no increased association between chiropractic visits and VBA stroke in those older than 45 years. Positive associations were found between PCP visits and VBA stroke in all age groups. Practitioner visits billed for headache and neck complaints were highly associated with subsequent VBA stroke.

VBA stroke is a very rare event in the population. The increased risks of VBA stroke associated with chiropractic and PCP visits is likely due to patients with headache and neck pain from VBA dissection seeking care before their stroke. We found no evidence of excess risk of VBA stroke associated chiropractic care compared to primary care.

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