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9/10/08 2:24 AM
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Seems to me that Harper called this election at a time when he is at a relatively strong point and Dionne is probably at or near his weakest. Doesn't seem to be any widespread disaffection in Canuckistan. I doubt that Harper will lose any seats - question is - will he win a majority?
9/10/08 12:32 PM
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I see him gaining a majority. I'd say there is disaffection, but I guess not widespread. People concerned with the arts aren't thrilled. There is also those of us who aren't thrilled with Canada's present stance on certain foreign affairs issues and current role in development.

I'm hopeful that the campaign rhetoric remains on the issues that concern us, and not about whether or not a leader's third cousin twice removed had a DUI in 1971.

I've begun wading through party platforms...
9/30/08 10:27 PM
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My choice is not settled, but I will definitely not vote for Harper and the Conservatives.

I take issue with many of Harper's policies, including but not limited to:
- his often blind support for US military action

- his economic beliefs that mirror George Bush's and lead
straight to deregulation, deficits and recession;

- his Christian beliefs that seek to further limit a women's right to choose an abortion, among other things.

- because he is for jailing youths at a younger age and his tough on crime policy on aims to deal with crime after the fact, not before;

- He has no sensible Environmental plan and is a climate science denier.

- his close ties to the oil industry.

- His breaking of his own fixed elections law by calling a snap election and proceeding with the shortest campaign allowed by law. He also named an unelected Senator as a Cabinet minister (Fortier) and Conservatives already faced election financing scandals (in and out scandal, Chuck Cadman buy off attempt) in their short time in office.

- His reneging on the resource accord with Newfoundland . . How many other resource-rich provinces will get screwed?

- His repeating of Mulroney conservative policies towards Quebec which will lead to failure again and bring Quebec independence to a new height. By promising the impossible to
Quebec nationalists, he gives them credibility and sets "Canada" up for failure in the eyes of Quebecers. This approach is divisive and irresponsible.

- His refusal to name require bilingual Justices on the Supreme Court.

Anyways, I could go on, but I won't.

I am presently leaning towards Liberals (IMO Dion is the sharpest policy brain of the bunch) for the first time in my life, but am still considering Green Party.
10/1/08 11:17 AM
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Edited: 10/01/08 11:24 AM
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NDP PLATFORM: http://www.ndp.ca/page/6984

Layton releases platform that puts families first

TORONTO – New Democrat Leader Jack Layton released his party’s platform today at a community centre in his east-end Toronto riding. The platform focused on helping middle-class and working families make ends meet.“While Stephen Harper’s priority is a $50 billion corporate tax cut, my priority is investing in families and their children,“ said Layton.The centerpiece of the platform is the New Democrats’ new Child Benefit, an initiative that unifies, simplifies and enhances existing programs such as the Child Tax Benefit and the Universal Child Care Benefit.“The New Democrats’ Child Benefit will give every middle-class and working family in Canada a raise,” said Layton.The Child Benefit will come to all families in the form of a cheque, broadens eligibility to cover children up to the age of eighteen and will not be subject to federal tax. No family will receive less than they do currently and every family with net annual household income of $188,000 or less will receive more.“We’re making it clear with this platform today that our priorities are those of the kitchen table, not just the boardroom table. Canadian families have a clear choice: Mr. Harper’s corporate tax giveaways or New Democrats' investments in the priorities of families,” said Layton.Other key elements of the New Democrats’ platform include: hiring more doctors and nurses, a national children’s nutrition plan, investments in cancer research, and a plan to break Canada’s reliance on carbon with a plan for the environment that will work.The New Democrat platform is fully costed with balanced budgets each and every year.
10/1/08 11:20 AM
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LIBERAL PLATFORM: http://www.liberal.ca/platform_e.aspx

"Richer, Fairer, Greener," the Liberal Party of Canada's fully-costed, fiscally-responsible platform, lays out a progressive, inclusive vision to make Canada a stronger country for the next generation.

"Liberals are proud to continue our tradition of strong economic and fiscal management," says Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion. "Fiscal discipline is now part of the Liberal DNA. We were the party that turned a huge deficit into eight years of surpluses, and we will continue to put fiscal responsibility first. A Liberal government will never put Canada into deficit. Period."

We are committed to balanced budgets, which is why all the commitments in this platform are set within a prudent fiscal framework that includes a contingency reserve of $3 billion a year to be applied to the debt if it's not used — a prudent measure irresponsibly abandoned by the Conservative government.

The cornerstone of the Liberal platform is the Green Shift plan. This innovative and forward-thinking plan will cut income taxes, put a price on pollution, fight poverty and position Canada to be a leader in the 21st-century global economy.
10/1/08 11:24 AM
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Edited: 10/01/08 11:25 AM
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CONSERVATIVE PLATFORM: no apparent section/link on their webpage (www.conservative.ca) I could have just missed it, but it isn't obvious.
10/1/08 11:26 AM
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GREEN PARTY PLATFORM: http://www.greenparty.ca/en/platform

Most political parties base their plans on one looming event — the next election, and one aim — staying in power.

The Green Party is different. We look much further forward, and we plan for a far greater goal: a livable world, with enough for everyone, with healthy communities based on healthy economies, secure for future generations.

The Green Party faces the major threats of our time — the climate crisis, economic instability, increasing militarism and a growing gap between rich and poor — with clear-eyed realism. It offers practical solutions and down-to-earth policies. We want to engage Canadians in the positive changes essential to bequeath a livable world to our children.
10/1/08 11:30 AM
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BLOC QUEBECOIS PLATFORM: http://www.presentpourlequebec.org/dossiers/Enjeux/pdf/1Plateforme08_intro.pdf

Reconnaître la nati on québécoise, pour vrai :
Les Québécoises et les Québécois forment une nation. Même le Parlement canadien
a fini par reconnaître cette évidence. Or, une nation, c’est plus qu’un mot :
c’est une réalité bien concrète.
Reconnaître l’existence de la nation québécoise, c’est plus qu’un slogan électoral.
C’est s’engager à travailler à son plein épanouissement, sur les plans social, économique
et culturel.
Défendre les droits du Québec
Reconnaître la nation québécoise, c’est reconnaître que le Québec a des droits, que
les Québécoises et les Québécois peuvent et doivent maîtriser eux-mêmes le développement
de leur propre société. C’est régler le déséquilibre fiscal par un nouveau
partage des revenus pour que le Québec puisse lui-même, en toute liberté, faire ses
propres choix dans les domaines qui relèvent de lui plutôt que d’avoir à quémander
la permission à Ottawa, qui tient les cordons de la bourse. C’est faire en sorte que
le gouvernement fédéral cesse d’invoquer son soi-disant « pouvoir de dépenser »,
qu’aucun gouvernement québécois n’a reconnu, pour s’ingérer dans des domaines
qui ne relèvent pas de lui. C’est donner au Québec la capacité d’exercer lui-même
les compétences
qui sont les siennes, y compris sur la scène internationale.

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