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9/17/08 11:54 AM
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So I was on a 4 way intersection with lights and turn arrows. I waited for the turn arrows and crossed the street, going in the same direction as the green light. It was rush hour so there was a lot of traffic, meaning I couldn't see the right hand turn lane perpendicular to me. I get to that lane and a car is coming on fast to make the turn. I break and she breaks and we hit. Bike is bent and the front left fender is bent.

Now, I am a little bruised and shaken up, but not hurt badly. I got all the info from the girl and went to class because I am late. So later I called her and asked if she would just pay for the bike and forget it ($200 used schwinn). So now her dad is involved and he wants me to sign an affadavit about what happened from my perspective, and then he will forward payment. There was a firetruck sitting at the intersection, so I am pretty sure they saw what happened.

I asked for the money because I just wanted to get a new bike and stop taking the bus. Now I am wondering whether I should go through with this or just call the insurance company and deal with them.
9/17/08 12:16 PM
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It sounds like they are trying to get you to sign an affadavit from your perspective so that if they go to court they have all the facts from you and can give to your lawyer and stuff. If all you want is $200, just tell them you will take the $200 and sign something that you will not go after them for anymore money. If they are insistint on you signing something with you account of the story, I would go through the insurance company.

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