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10/2/08 9:41 PM
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Came across this in the Canine Good Citizen book I'm reading. Kind of neat. Here's an online version


When completing the Profile, assign the following point values to your answers:
Almost always – 7-10;
Sometimes – 4-6;
Hardly ever – 0-3.

You may not have had the chance to observe all of these behaviors, in which case you leave the answer blank.

When presented with the opportunity, does your dog

1. Sniff the ground or air? _____
2. Get along with other dogs? _____
3. Stand his ground or show curiosity in strange objects or sounds? _____
4. Run away from new situations? _____
5. Get excited by moving objects, such as bikes or squirrels? _____
6. Get along with people? _____
7. Like to play tug-of-war games to win? _____
8. Hide behind you when he feels he can’t cope? _____
9. Stalk cats, other dogs, or things in the grass? _____
10. Bark when left alone? _____
11. Bark or growl in a deep tone of voice? _____
12. Act fearfully in unfamiliar situations? _____
13. When excited, bark in a high-pitched voice? _____
14. Solicit petting, or like to snuggle with you? _____
15. Guard his territory? _____
16. Tremble or whine when unsure? _____
17. Pounce on his toys? _____
18. Like to be groomed? _____
19. Guard his food or toys? _____
20. Cower or turn upside down when reprimanded? _____
21. Shake and “kill” his toys? _____
22. Seek eye contact with you? _____
23. Dislike being petted? _____
24. Act reluctant to come close to you when called? _____
25. Steal food or garbage? _____
26. Follow you around like a shadow? _____
27. Guard his owner(s)? _____
28. Have difficulty standing still when groomed? _____
29. Like to carry things in his mouth? _____
30. Play a lot with other dogs? _____
31. Dislike being groomed or petted? _____
32. Cower or cringe when a stranger bends over him? _____
33. Wolf down his food? _____
34. Jump up to greet people? _____
35. Like to fight other dogs? _____
36. Urinate during greeting behavior? _____
37. Like to dig and/or bury things? _____
38. Show reproductive behaviors, such as mounting other dogs? _____
39. Get picked on by older dogs when he was a young dog? _____
40. Tend to bite when cornered? _____

Scoring the Profile:

Prey Pack Fight Flight

1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8.

9. 10. 11. 12.

13. 14. 15. 16.

17. 18. 19. 20.

21. 22. 23. 24.

25. 25. 27. 28.

29. 30. 31. 32.

33. 34. 35. 36.

37. 38. 39. 40.

Total Prey Total Pack Total Fight Total Flight
10/2/08 9:44 PM
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By looking at your dog's profile, you will know which training techniques work best and are in harmony with your dog's drives. You now have the tools to tailor your training program for your dog.

Defense (fight) - more than sixty, and Defense (flight) less than sixty. Your dog will not be bothered too much by a firm hand. Body posture is not critical, although incongruent postures on your part will slow down the training. Tone of voice should be firm, but pleasant and non-threatening.

Defense(flight) – 40 or more more. Correct body posture and quiet, pleasant tone of voice are critical. Avoid using a harsh tone of voice and any hovering, leaning over or toward your dog. There is a premium on congruent body postures and gentle handling.

Prey - more than sixty. Your dog will respond well to use of treats or a toy during the teaching phase. May need a firm hand, depending on strength of Defense drive (fight), to suppress Prey drive when in high gear, such as when chasing a cat or spotting a squirrel. Easily motivated, but also easily distracted by motion or moving objects. Signals will mean more to this dog than verbal commands. Premium on using body, hands and leash correctly so as not to confuse the dog.

Prey - less than sixty. Your dog is probably not easily motivated by food or other objects, but is also not easily distracted by moving objects.

Pack - more than sixty. Responds readily to praise and touch. Your dog likes to be with you and will respond with little guidance.

Pack - less than sixty. Start praying. Felix probably does not care whether he is with you or not. He likes to do his own thing and is not easily motivated. Your only hope is to rely on Prey drive in training. Usually breed specific for dogs bred to work independently of man.
10/2/08 9:46 PM
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Member Since: 12/6/06
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I scored my dog as

prey - 54

pack - 45

defense (fight) - 60

defense (flight) - 40

To get a second opinon I had my wife score it as well and he scored very similiar - just a little higher on fight and a little lower on flight.

Obviously this isn't perfect, but it was fairly accurate. However, you can get my dog to do just about anything with food, so that's a little different than what his score would indicate.
10/3/08 12:26 PM
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Edited: 10/03/08 12:26 PM
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 Cool, I've seen this before along with the puppy aptitude test but never actually tried to score my dog. 

Are you gonna CGC your dog mike?
10/3/08 5:02 PM
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I honestly hadn't thought about it, but I now think that's what they're leading us up to in the beginners obedience class I'm in - even though that've made no mention of the CGC exam. Regardless, I think I'd like to get it for him, just to make us proud.

I honestly think he'd do alright at this point. The biggest ones that concern me, at this point, are him jumping on a stranger or going after (playfully) another dog.

He's honestly done much better with the class than I anticipated. We've done most everything they've taught us in the class before, except the "heel."

10/3/08 9:36 PM
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I don't put much stock in puppy selection or temperament tests but I do think that although not the minimum a dog should have, the CGC is actually a very good idea...especially for breeds subject to prejudice and BSL. It might not carry a lot of weight in court(ie: a douche landlord tears up lease because you've got 'those dogs') but it's at least more credible than your word.

And even though I loathe the AKC/UKC I think their obedience titles are worthwhile, too. Nowadays you're unlikely to win obedience trials using compulsion but that shouldn't deter you from putting multiple titles on your dog. Same goes for schutzhund. There's more than few titles that have nothing to do with bitework.

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