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10/13/08 6:00 PM
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SO the inquiry into her supposed abuse of power has found that she did, on some level abuse her power in the firing of her public safety commisioner when he refused to fire her ex-brother-in-law.


GIven this finding that she DID abuse her power coupled with her inability to speak on matters of foreign policy coherently and/or without extensive coaching; her inexperience in politics; and her overall interpretation of 'Her America' give her the image of a transgendered George W. Bush.

She will likely become president of the US given that McCain is so very old and does have heart problems and issues with cancer(which will only be aggravated by the stress of the office, not helped by it).

HOw does this bode for the future of america?How does this affect your perception of the woman who will in all likelihood be the first female president of the United States?
10/15/08 6:35 PM
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Obama has many improper connections:

1. Black Liberation Theology (Hate meets faith)
2. Reverend Wright (Obama's "family member" and "mentor")
3. Luis Farrakhan (Obama said that he will not criticize the endorsement)
4. ACORN (Sub-prime loans, anyone? Voter fraud anyone?)
5. Bill Ayers (He is actually unapologetic for bombing America, but apologetic about Obama getting criticized by McCain for the solid relationship they both have).
6. Liberaton Theology (which is anchored in socialism)
7. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (They gave more money to Obama's campaign then any other person running for office.)

Who is the real Barack Obama? Well, considering the fact that the DNC and Obama refuse to present documentation to prove he is a natural born citizen, every American doesn't know who the real Obama is. They might just pretend to know--or have been duped into believing
10/16/08 1:23 PM
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I definitely wouldn't vote for someone who had done those things. But I WOULD vote for someone who it had been alleged had done those things.

Why? because it is easy to make allegations and not prove them.

I think if Mccain was doing his job and there was anything substantive to the claims he wouldn't be saying 'read between the lines' he would be saying 'look, its a fact'.

Mccain is fighting for his life and he still hasn't been able to prove anything substantive. That leads me to believe that there isn't anything substantive to the claims.

Palin did abuse her power and use her position for personal reasons. That is the difference. she was found by a legislative-bipartisan inquiry to have committed ethics violations. SO, it is not just an allegation.

Two things are pissing me off about this campaign. 1. Palin's sex tape hasn't come out yet. I mean c'mon what else is there to do in ALaska? she has to have showed the goods I least once. Not even a topless photo? that's just lazy politics if you ask me.

2. I just wish Obama would play dirty too cause I like watching catfights. He is like a political punching bag. Did he ever consider that people vote for politics as usual cause we like watching people fight?
The thing is usually when you watch a guy take a beating they start losing. how the hell is he winning? He is acting like a bitch. nobody likes a bitch, right? I guess not.

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