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10/19/08 12:32 AM
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anyone have their broken nose fixed? i am an amateur mma figher and have broken my nose 3 times...the last two weeks ago (didnt give it enough time to heal).......its pretty crocked but thats not my concern, i dont want any breathing problems later in life........i want to get it fixed and now would be a good time since my wife is due with baby soon.....i def want to fight again but prob not for 3 months......will my nose be 100% by then? will it be more or less likely to brake again? how long b4 i can train again?
anyones knowledge of this would be appreciated..thx
10/21/08 1:46 AM
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I had a minor nose break in 1996. Set it myself, then had the docs check it out. Though they said I'd done as well as they could, I've had a deviated septum ever since, and it occasionally impacts performance.

Getting your nose fixed is a good idea, but I recommend sitting down with a surgeon and talking it over first. The precise details of the procedure are dependent on your nose and what they think it'll take to repair it. If they have to remove a lot of bone, you may be more susceptible to rebreaking it later.

Do you plan to continue MMA competition? Talk it over with the surgeon and get their input on long-term risks vs benefits. They may feel you'd be fine post-surgery, or they might tell you to wait until your fighting days are done.

The doctor will also be able to give you some idea of the full recovery time. IMO, 3 months is the minimum likely recovery time because there is the initial wound closure healing, and then the bone and connective tissues will continue adapting and changing for some time afterwards.

You'd be able to resume some aspects of your training (conditioning) relatively early on, but expect to baby it for a good while. This means a longer layoff from rolling/sparring practice, but you can at least stay in some kind of shape.

There may be other considerations as well, but those are a few to start with. Most doctors that do this kind of work (that I've heard of) do these kinds of consultations so the prospective patient understands what to expect and can make a more informed decision. Make some calls and talk to at least one such doctor so you have more info to work with.

Oh yeah - bring your wife to these consultations. She'll probably think of good questions that you don't, and will probably appreciate being included in a decision process that will directly impact her and your coming child in unexpected ways.

Hope that helps!

Jason Erickson
2/9/09 10:35 AM
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I had my nose fixed in 1996 then rebroke it 1 month later when I went back to playing hockey. i haven't been able to breath out of my left nostril every since.

I am thinking of getting it fixed again but not looking forward to it. The last surgory I had was horrible. I felt like I was sufficating for a week.
3/6/09 12:03 PM
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I had my nose broken numerous times growing up. I had cosmetic surgery so I'd be pretty again and next time I got cracked in the nose it shattered, which required another operation.

In my case the surgery I had pretty much eliminated my ability to take any kind of trauma to the nose. Full contact sparring to box ended right there. Also, its been about 25 years since the surgery and I gradually been losing the ability to breathe through my nose. It worse at night trying to sleep.
3/6/09 2:10 PM
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I had my nose broken playing basketball when I was 16. It was slightly crooked and I had a deviated septum. I had surgery when I was 22. I was able to breath like never before for a grand total of about a month. Once the healing started my nasal passages closed back up. Couple that with a few right hands to the nose while boxing and I am right back where I started - crooked and can't breath.

My advice is, if you can, wait until your fighting days are over. Once you do decide on surgery, speak with several surgeons and check referrals. The recovery sucks for about 2 weeks and you will be limited as to your physical activities for several months so you want to make sure you get the desired result the first time around.

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