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10/24/08 5:17 PM
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So what are the best cooking temps and times for the different meats?

Chicken ?

Pork ?

Beef ?

Fish ?
10/25/08 1:29 PM
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The answer is.....it depends.

I roast whole chicken at like 400 I think?  Haven't done it in forever.  Just breasts is 350 and then I'll fire up the broiler at the end to brown it if it's not to my liking.

Pork and beef depends on the cut.  Pork tenderloin I'll start with a 400 degree oven and turn it down to like 325 after it goes in.  You can cook pork to medium now so I set my thermometer for 155 (carryover to 160 for medium).  I rarely use time as a gauge.  For a beef rib roast (I've never done one) I will eventually cook at like 215 until the internal temp hits 120(rare).  Then I'll (eventually) take it out and crank the oven up to 500 and return the meat minus thermometer for like 15 minutes or until it browns to my liking. 

For the tough cuts like pork shoulder or beef chuck I'll braise low and slow, 225 or so and cook them forever, they need to be cooked beyond well done to be tender so you really can't overcook them.  If you want you could set your oven for 190 and leave it in there for a week since that's about the temperature I shoot for on those cuts.  Some stuff is in between, like a rump roast or London broil.  They're tough if you overcook them but they're also tough if you don't slice them wah-fer thin.  So I'd braise a rump roast like a chuck but pull it out at about 160.  I'd blast a London broil under the broiler (imagine that) until it feels medium rare by the poke method.

For fish I got nothin'.  Depending on the fish I guess I would cook it low to steam or oven poach or blast it with high heat to leave the center rare. 

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