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10/25/08 4:27 PM
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Cachorro Louco
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 While everyone is worried about Obama and McCain and which one will ruin the country if they get elected, no one seems to pay attention to the fact that it really doesn't matter because neither will be in charge.  Both these guys can't touch the power that David Rockefeller has.  When Dick Cheney gets on his knees and kisses this guys ass you know DR has juice.  The fact of the matter is that the Rockefeller family's worth is in the trillions.  These people are so rich that they don't even get mentioned on Forbes' list. 

My point is that the Rockefellers have fucked this country out of so much money over the last 100 years that they could personally finance this credit bailout themselves.  Whoever gets elected will answer to this fucker as well as the other small click of power brokers (mostly international central bankers).  At the risk of sounding too conspiratorial, I think it is worth mentioning that this is the guy "behind the curtain".   Rockefeller is not only behind the curtain, he owns the curtain, the stage, the theater, and the land this whole dog and pony show is built on.  

Bush sucks ass, but he is a good servant.  He is only implimenting policies that he is being told to implement.  Demecrat, Republican, who gives a shit!  It doesn't matter what political party you belong to, we as Americans have been, are, and will continue to get fucked by David Rockefeller and his crew.  

A little unkown fact:  Did you know that Rockefeller is a self-professed globalist and socialist.  He wrote his post-graduate thesis on the benifits of Fabian Socialism.  He believes free market competition is a sin and the population must be tightly controled.  Why not, when you own all the marbles why would you support a system that encourages others to be able to compete for your marbles. 

It doesn't matter whether Barry-O or Elmer Fudd gets elected, they won't be calling the shots anyway. 

11/5/08 8:18 AM
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Because no one cares. 50+ years of drug abuse and flourinated water + psychiatric medication for depression has made the american people a docile and subserviant species who know NOTHING about the fundamentals of democracy.

You can take a copy of the Bill of Rights, Constititution, and a Communist Manifesto and show it to random people without letting them know which is which...and 99% of them woulden't know the difference.

They think they have an opinion and that they are smart, but the reality is they have no idea what they are talking about and are simply following the idiot sheep in front of them. America no longer deserves democracy because it has forgotten the cost of maintaining such freedom.

Terrifying time we live in, and its going to get worse before it gets better.

ALOT worse.
11/15/08 4:36 PM
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The Noose
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M1 Fanboy, why dont you tell us some of the finer points of democracy? You know, since we dont live in a democracy. This country has never been a democracy. People care, they are just dumb. They hear people like you refer to "communism" and "socialism" and just immediately assume its a bad evil thing without even making any effort to find out what those word mean.

If you dont mind me askin, what is so "terrifying" about the times we live in?

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