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10/27/08 12:27 PM
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 I am a female fighter that walks around at 130 and I need to lose weight to fight at 115 in January 2009. I need to be walking around at 125-123 before the fight and then cut water weight. I would like to do this the healthy way by dieting and increasing my cardio. Can anybody give me some advice about how to accomplish this?
11/24/08 4:05 PM
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I am 145 and usually try to compete at 135. I think that somebody needs to write a book about women fighters/athletes and how to lose/cut weight because it is definately different than the guys.

Here's what I have done. Hope it helps. About 2 months before I cut out all the crap food from my diet (you know what this is-soda,pizza,beer,candy etc..)

And I start uping the cardio. For a 10 min. match I do 5 min. of warm up and then intervals. Goes like this-for 10 mins. I do 30 secs. of high intensity and then 15 of moderate to low. then 5 min. cool down. This is treadmill or bike. This is 3-4 times a week, after 2 weeks try to up it to 1 min high and 30 secs mod./low.
-lots of water 1 gal.a day.
-train everyday
-I only eat complex carbs like wheat pasta, high fiber bread and this is only once a day. Eat about 1000 cal. a day, eat about 5 times a day, small amounts, don't get really hungy, try to eat about every two hours. lots of veggies and fruits-chicken and fish without sauce.
-I don't use the same protein drinks as the guys-I do like Light Muscle Milk-it is pretty low in cals/carbs.In place of a meal.
-Use 1000mg of Vit. C at least 2 x's a day and Flax seed oil pils or Fish oil.
-If you like sports drinks- water them down.

Hope this helps, and if you find anything that works well, be sure to post it, I am always looking for help in this department.

The best thing I have found that helps me is a "bitch buddy" this is another fighter that understands that losing weight sucks but losing a fight sucks more and they let you bitch about it and then tell you to shut up and fucking run.

Thanks Freak (my bitch buddy)

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