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10/28/08 12:49 PM
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Stated policy during an election is completely irrelevent. Politicians tell you what they want to in order to get your vote.

Experience in running a country is also irrelevent. The President sets the culture, but it is his advisers and experts that help him make decisions. If you doubt this, take a look at all of the past presidents, and ask what real experience they had. Look at Mandela, he went from 25 years in Prison to being one of the most unifying, conciliatory and uplifting leaders ever.

So, forget about the words that are being thrown around, and think of this. The McCain way is the way of big business. Stimulate the giant corporations and the benefits will trickle down to all. Foreign policy is pretty much status quo Republican.

The Obama way is to increase the middle class directly rather than as a trickle down, and to increase social programs. Foreign policy is more conciliatory, aimed at dialoge rather than war. Big business is not as much a priority.

Both are politicians, both stretch the facts, both make backroom deals.

This culture difference is what will set the tone for the next 4 years, depending on your vote.

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